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One Piece: Episode 303

This episode was quite cute…. and it wasn’t as long of a filler as I thought it would be… next episode comes the attack on Enis Lobby finally.. I am going to be using Flickr to upload pictures I cap from One Piece, seeing how horrible Photo Bucket has not been altering automatically with what WordPress upload does. They have to approve of me first though so that’ll be in a bit. I’ll use WordPress upload for this picture set then.

The episode begins like every episode in this arc with the song Crazy Rainbow by TACKEY & TSUBASA, the difference is that the Japanese singing duo is actually animated into the opening. This iceblueaya had said she would consider to start watching One Piece, because of the idol plug. Here is the fixed opening.

Now the episode begins with people talking about the Sennen Zakura or the thousand year sakura tree…. the town is having a Hana-Mi, sitting and appreciating the sakura tree, getting drunk and composing haiku.


In this special episode, Luffy is a Detective and the Mugiwara are not pirates but citizens of the town. Nami owns a restaurant with Sanji and the chef. Chopper is the town doctor, Ussop is the resident law enforcer. Zoro is a monk and Robin is just a very helpful citizen.

Ninjin a kid from Ussop’s hometown, one of the pseudo-pirate friends he had is sick with the flu . Aohana-sensei (Chopper’s name in this world) warns him to get plenty of rest and that means he can’t go to the festival with his other two friends, Piiman and Tamanegi. The day ends with Luffy and Chopper getting depressed about having no solution to solve the kids problem.


The next day is where the plot begins with a gapping hole in the field where the Sennen Zakura was suppose to be. Apparently it was stolen during the night, so Ussop went looking for the thief with Sanji and thought that Oyabun (Luffy) was the guilty one. During the night before Piiman and Tamangei went and got one branch from the tree. Problem was, that they were on the tree when the tree was stolen.

Robin told Luffy and the others where the stolen tree was. The culprits turns out to be Buggy the Clown ad Foxy the Silver Fox, or rather it is Foxy who’s the more evil one. He tricked Buggy into digging up the tree to give it to him with the promise of money he wouldn’t pay. Buggy was pissed and was about the shoot the Buggy Cannon at Foxy when Foxy turned on his annoying devil fruit power Noro Noro Beam on it and Buggy… the ability to slow any moving thing down for 30 seconds.

3034.jpg 3035.jpg

The battle began and it was reveal that Zoro was sleeping on the Sennen Zakura, so he was stolen as well, man was he pissed. Well everyone (Luffy, Sanji, Ussop) were pissed as well. But Foxy’s Noro Noro Beam stopped things for 30 seconds, fortunately, Luffy dodged the beam and Zoro’s katana deflected the beam with funny results. Long-short story short, by the end of the episode, Luffy punted both Buggy and Foxy to the sky much like Team Rocket in Pokemon. They bring back the Sennen Zakura. Ninjin also gets well and everyone except for the villains are happy.


I really like this episode because you get to see various minor characters from the past, like Vivi’s father, Skypia’s Pagaya who kept apologizing like always..Zoro’s sensei, Nami’s pseudo-uncle Genzo. Even Pandaman made two appearances! This alternate story line like Mugiwara Theater shows a great deal of material for alternate realities and much possibilities for things like fanfiction. Very fan-dom building.. I love it a lot!

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