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Web 2.0 can be the greatest thing since sliced bread…

Just as I was at work today, trying not to overwhelm my coworker with book carts and on my own still continuing on creating more carts… I was listening to my ipod to drown out background noises. It is these moments that I listen to podcasts and because of trying to keep up with technology… I try to listen to Cnet’s Buzz Out Loud podcasts.. often several weeks old….. ANYHOW… today I listened to a podcast the hosts on Buzz Out Loud did on March 19, 2007 regarding Web 2.0

What is Web 2.0? This is a “updated” version of the internet where there is much growth on social networking… places like del.icio.us (a link sharing network) or wordpress to blog, Wiki to write down your knowledge for the world, Facebook to socially connect.

Now on the podcast I discovered two more places.. twitter.com and last fm.com. Twitter is a place where you can just tell the worldt or your friends what you’re doing at the moment while Last FM takes music you’re listening to, compare it with other listeners on the network and then show you similar artists that you may or may not know to listen to.

Interesting isn’t it!

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