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I am not talking about the seasoning.. rather I am talking about the latest Satoshi Kon movie, he directed Tokyo Godfathers, Milleniumn Actress, Paranoia Agent, Perfect Blue.. oh while he is not a director I would watch exclusively for like Miyazaki Hayao , I do appreciate the twists that his movies has.

Parika is about a future world where there is the invention of a dream machine, a machine that allows people to go inside the dreams of another. The head of the department that created the machine, Dr. Atsuko Chiba uses the machine illegally work with healing Psychiatric patient, however the premises is that portotypes of the dream machine is stolen and the doctor must cooperate with other two other people to retrieve the machine.

I was actually quite surprise to hear Meguimi Hayashima’s voice of Dr. Atsuko Chiba, I haven’t seen much of her latest anime, like Pokemon – but Megumi Hayashibara is my first fave seiyuu. Satoshi Kon, the director also has a voice role in this movie which is quite neat. This movie has music from Susumu Hirasawa who also composed music for Milleniumn Actress, so I was quite happy. I like the music that he makes.. he also has a website against the current Iraq/Afghanistan war which I heartily support in spirit.

Paprika includes several elements that is present in many other Satoshi Kon movies like an obsessive character, the female heroine and a look into the human psychosis. Defintely a movie I would recommend.


This is the official theater preview for the movie.

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