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One Piece: Episode 304-305

Now this is not a two parter episode, just two separate episodes that cover Enis Lobby. I swear, the animators of One Piece is just wrangling onto the storyline as long as possible… even Alabasta wasn’t that bad…. I did some research and found out that the arc is not going to be ending in the next few episodes.. so I’m just gritting my teeth and just waiting until Rob Lucci croaks now.

In Episode 304, Enis Lobby is engulfed into flames very much like Ohara as the Buster Call squadron attack the island. “In the name of Justice” they claim. Robin at this point has collapse on the bridge, much afraid of what is happening.


On the other hand under ground, most of everyone in Mugiwara is running toward the other side, it was actually quite cute how they depicted it. They’ve done this type of art before in the anime, so I am use to this SD depiction.


However Rob Lucci on the other side in his battle with Luffy has flooded the underground, so this was what happened.


Now the main point of this episode is to show that Luffy is going to be using his attack of Gear Third to start the battle. Gear Third is when Luffy bites into his finger to blow air inside his bone. Devastating attack, but makes Luffy very weak. Pretty much the next episode is going to cover Rob Lucci’s “Dark” past, with his idea of “Dark Justice”

In episode 305, Nami and Chopper unites with Ussop, Sanji and Zolo in an unfavorable circumstances. Luffy also punches Rob Lucci into a Buster Call gunship and that sets off the retelling of the past as the caption of the ship tells his soldiers of his dark past.


Rob Lucci at 13 single handily murdered 500 hostages. He did this to have no liability, cementing the fact that if any solider give up their cause (their oath to protect) then their life is to be forfeited in the name of justice.


I really fell that I need to emphasize this point again… for the World Government.. justice must be maintained even if you need to sacrifice your own companions… as to prevent the situation for them to turn worse. Ugh this motto actually sent chills up my back, and as Luffy went out to battle Rob Lucci on the gun ship, another captain actually commanded every other boat to shoot at the ship Rob Lucci was on with Lufy. This is how the episode ends…


Next episode emphasis on the other crew members now under water and drowning so to speak.

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  1. Redo
    April 28, 2007 at 1:41 am

    It’s pretty interesting episodes. I want to know about Rob Lucci dark’s past…

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