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Tsubasa Chronicles Artbook and shopping today

I am so happy with my purchases today…. I have to repeat this tone of entry for my livejournal, but I am…. yes I am… early disclaimer.. this is not an entry that is plugging away at the products, but yes if there is a desire to know product details, then I will pass it along.

On Friday I normally hang out with my friends and after a disappointing week I usually feel cheery on Friday.. anyhow today went shopping and found two things I was thinking of purchasing no matter what.. Dr. Slump Vol 12, determined to get the entire series. Even though the next issue is coming out Sept 2007, I’m determined to grit my teeth and wait. What has got me so excited is that in the next issue Carmel #4 is appearing, he is the psudeo boyfriend of Arale… this issue was just as nice… got to see an episode that was a blast from the past…

Another purchase I made was the CLAMP Tsubasa Chronicle Artbook… Only 2,100 yen. Well I paid in U.S. dollars though. Squeee!!!!!!! This is an artbook that I have been waiting forever for.. well since I realize how good the artwork is… it is CLAMP after all and this is an alternate version to Card Captor Sakura…. the art is going to be guaranteed to be fantastic. What a nice surprise was that there was a mini folder in the back of the book.

Edit- I uploaded a digital picture I took of the folder and artbook… but the picture is too big to preview on this page.. >_< …. so a link..


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