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Blue Dragon – Episode 1

May 2, 2007 2 comments

While the opening is not impressive, this is Akira Toriyama’s latest character designs. I heard rumors that this is going to be his last anime feature as well…. >_<… I hope not, while many people would say his work is immortalized in Dragon Ball, I really like his other works…. like Dr. Slump and Sandland…

Either way, this anime reminds me a bit like Hunter x Hunter, well the feel of it being an rural area, very nature like. The action sequences remind me of Yugioh or Digmon though, with the various monsters… appearing from Shadows…

There are the similar character designs to Dragon Ball like Seven or Trunks, then there is the whole Mr. Satan clone. I haven’t met him yet, but with the promise of the first episode, this is bound to be an interesting series. I hope it won’t be as disappointing as Busou Renkin though.

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