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Seto no Hanayome

Finally!!!!! I truly feel like I want to grab this anime and smuggle down with it…! Uhh…what I meant to say was that this is anime is possibly going to the anime that I will watch for the Spring season.

The premises of the episode is this. Michishio Nagasumi the male hero is staying with his grandmother for the summer, however one day he was swimming and suddenly had a leg cramp, this of course led to his drowining and as he tried to save himself, or calling for help, he gets saved by a mermaid.

In a twist that is like Hans Christian Anderson’s Little Mermaid, where the mermaid turns to bubbles if something bad happens. Although Anderson’s version is where the mermaid threw herself off the ship and died of a broken love, the situation in Seto no Hanayome is that if anyone not a mermaid realizes the mermaid’s identity then they would die.. although the premises is not clear. Also in this anime, the mermaids is a yakuza kinda of society.

The female lead mermaid, her name is Seto San and she is quite the father’s daughter.. well her father the leader will not let go of his little girl and strives to kill Nagasumi. I don’t know why…. but I think this kind of anime is sooo cool!!!!!!!!!!! Strong virelous man… reminds me that I need to clarify what type of men I love to watch in anime.. that is an entry I plan to write sometimes soon…. >_<

Now I took plenty of screen caps for this episode.. so I’ll try to figure out which ones to put up..!!! Next episode has the young couple going on their first date… Banzai!!!!!!

The first picture is of the family, the second is of the family realizing that their son has to get married. Third… very BL related: Masa, the boss’s first man is giving Nagasumi CPR, thereby taking his first kiss. Nagasumi ‘s mom thinks he’s quite sexy. Fourth is definitely where San’s dad is trying to kill Nagasumi and his family. Fifth is where Nagasumi is trying to run away with San and then being inspired by her reason for saving him and risking death- Japanese words of mermaid written the same as chivalry. Sixth is San’s yakuza family finding them and the seventh is San’s dad, Nagasumi’s father in law trying to throw him into the sea to definitely drown.


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