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Pokemon Diamond Woes..

May 6, 2007 3 comments

I was thinking of writing a short entry regarding this… as of now.. while my DS is on the charger….. Pokemon woes… Reaching the 8th city to fight for the electric badge and just feeling bad at my catching pokemon abilities. I finally managed to catch all the Unkonwns.. except for one, I expect having to make another trip there… >_< Just for the ! sign… Have to find a Pokemon with Quirky nature otherwise I’ll trade for it. Need to go and catch a Hoot Hoot ro complete my Pokedex or try to get through the road leading to Snowpoint gym again. I’m skipping so many trainers.. ugh just like Pokemon battles. I need to train my Pokemon some more… >_< … Then there’s the Elite Four to think about… I can’t just rely on the legendary Pokemons..

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