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Blog feed tidbits.

Well I was checking my blog feeder today, like any other day and these are news stories I found interesting.

Martin Waldseemuller 1507 World Map given to Library of Congress– Actually quite interested by this news… I remember from Cartography that there was a rivalry in why America was named after Amerigo Vespucci, something about competing cartographers and a patron who called dibs on what name is advertised.

Nutrition on the Cheap – Something I need to learn how to do… cook and prepare my own lunch instead of eating out all the time… but what happens if the the fridge is broken, I wish I had my old college one…. >_<()

Real Men Playing Cooking Mama – I love this game on my DS, bugging my friend to get it for his Wii.. I laughed at one of the comment, that if they had a girl in the background shouting instructions at them then they would probably cook more. Reminds me also of my own post dealing with Cooking Mama.. and if I get a chance to play the Cooking Mama Wii version, I’ll definitely blog about it.

Sandy Berman Retired 2007 – Activist librarian.. coolness.. I wonder what type of librarianship will I turn out to go for…

Does Print still matter? – A presentation on the idea of digital vs. print books. I definitely believe that print will be around for a lot more time.. because one digital divide.. the amount of print material I send in a week is enough.. two digital devices is still expensive for a lot of people.

Manga Artist Criticizes Manga Textbook – I am not sure if I like the idea of a manga textbook as well. Textbook is texbook, with the necessary graphics is nice, but a manga textbook….. to adjust for students, is enforcing them that they wouldn’t have to read to learn.. seems kinda silly..

Split screen tech doubles computer usage – seems like a promising technology. Only one computer and two users can use the computer the same time..altho the screen size is not something to desire about.

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