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KoolWIRE – sounds really cool!

May 26, 2007 5 comments

Wow this sounds neat. Plain Text to PDF via email.. neato! I believe this link will be useful, if there is a need to send plain text and then to have it appear as a pdf file on the other end.

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Follow up on some issues

May 26, 2007 Leave a comment

While browsing my feeds found these two entries relating to twp past entries I wrote about. Paprika and Sailor Moon with Amazon.

Paprika is going to be shown in selected theaters, so there have been various reviews and this is a NY Times movie review and then there is another review that is an interview with Satoshi Kon, where he actually states that people have to move from anime. The purpose of anime in his opinion is not an escape method. I believe that the interview contains much fighting words from a director who creates much loved anime works. I am not going to respond my opinions, but it is something to point out if anyone reads the interview and not expect the opinions of an anime director.

The other bit of news is regarding about Amazon selling Sailor Moon bootleg, because of much negative user comments, Amazon actually pulled off the DVD set, so that was kind of anti-climatic.

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