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One Piece: Episode 311

Got to see this episode and was more pleased with this episode, but feeling a little sad with the preview of 312 and the focus on Going Merry.

The art for this episode greatly resembled Movie 6 and Kemonozume. Not something I really like, but if the art is going to be like this because it’s for budget reasons, then I would have to get use to it. In this episode Going Merry saved the crew and by now the Marine’s have started to shoot at them and it is with Nami’s navigational skills that deftly avoided getting them hit and with the cannon balls raining on them, had Zolo, Sanji, Ussop, Franky, Robin defeating the ship. There was a funny part with Zolo and Sanji using Luffy’s body as a net to throw back cannon balls at the Marines.

I finally got to see the end of that Spamdam bastard, that I was very happy for. Galley La and Franky Family leave by Puffin Tom and Admiral Aojii had said that Enis Lobby was a defeat for the marines.


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