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Okay I realize that seiyuus can take on other roles, and I have already hear Zoro’s seiyuu, Kazuya Nakai in other animes like Hataraki Man or Nodame Cantatible but it is strange to hear Ussop’s seiyu, Kappei Yamaguchi in this anime. As I looked at the credits he did in other anime, I’m very surprised to see him in so many of my favorite anime – anime that I never watched in Japanese – so this is a surprise. I guess watching the ending of Enies Lobby with Ussop crying out for Luffy had an effect on how I would react listening to different animes with the same seiyuu.

Rizelmine is an anime that ran in 2002 about Iwaki Tomonori, a 15 year old with a preference toward older woman. One day as he came home from school, he finds out that the Japanese government married him to Rizel a 12 year old. Man is he pissed off. But there is a deeper story of why Rizel chose him as a husband.

It’s funny how Rizel keeps on calling Iwaki-san – Danna-sama (husband) and keeps on getting thrown out like a football.. occasionally wrapped in a blanket. I am reminded of City Hunter: .357 Magnum where Kaori throws Ryo out the window either wrapped in a blanket or only in his boxes. Hilarious if like this type of humor.


This anime has many sexual parody jokes and as mentioned in the Wikipedia entry, there were criticism for this show, but that is not the intention, so for any conservative viewers, Rizelmine must be taken with a grain of salt.


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  1. iceblueaya
    June 4, 2007 at 9:10 pm

    I like Yamaguchi Kappei because he did Ryuuichi’s voice ^.^

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