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One Piece: Episode 320-321

Finally! I get the chance to watch these two touching, funny episodes. I can’t be too sure if these episodes were still fillers or not, but it does bring the story closer to the next arc, which I am sure – will be the next season in the fall. Episode 322 and 323, certainly won’t be airing until next moth.. so I’ll have to play the wait game then.

Episode 320 -Everyone’s Finally Wanted! The Crew of Over 6 Hundred Million!
The episode began with some mention on the progress of Franky with the construction of the ship and some recaps of the past with Tom-san. The main focus of the title for this episode occurred later in the episode – there are bounties for everyone on the Mugiwara, even Franky, who is not part of the crew yet. Luffy, Zoro and Robin had no complaints about their bounties, however Sanji, Chopper, and Nami were shocked by their bounties. Sanji for not getting a proper picture, Chopper for only getting 50 berri and being treated as a pet. Nami complaints for just because she has a wanted poster even.


Episode 321 -Face the Sea, King of Beasts! The Dreamship’s Grand Completion!
Ahhhh.. this was a great episode.. there were touching moments and there was side splitting hilarious parts in this episode. In the early part of the episode, the Mugiwara saw their new ship. Then because of the bounty on Franky’s head, the rest of the family had asked Luffy to take Franky out to sea. It was pretty touching to see the Franky family against Franky for the safety of him with Mugiwara. Then it turned pretty funny, in order to get Franky to see Luffy, the family stole Franky’s speedo’s right off his body. So he was pretty much starkers as he ran after the family through Water’s 7 to get his briefs back. I never realize that Franky had such a hairy butt. The Waters 7 townspeople was pretty pissed off, they kept screaming pervert bastard. “Hentai yarou..” and even funny that they kept saying to not let the kids see the pervert. I speculate this would have to be related to the size of Franky’s manhood, which Chimney finally compared it to the size of a cocoon. The episode ends with Luffy offering to give Frnaky his pants back if he joins the Mugiwara. I couldn’t resist and had to get plenty of screenshots of Franky’s hairy tush. Reminds me a bit of the villian in Photon.


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