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One Piece: Super Best short DVD review

I had recently listened/watch the 10th Anniversary Release of One Piece’s Super Best. It was a limited release, so that meant it was a double disc with audio cd and DVD.

On the DVD disc, on the root menu… there options for the creditless 26 Openings and Endings, with a scene selector option as well. Then there is the Sogeking music video.

Then the hight light for me came in the form of a brief recap of the seasons.

  • Season 1 was the beginning at East Blue. Meeting Ussop, Sanji and Nami. Season 1 ends with Louge Town.
  • Season 2 had the Mugiwara entering the Grand Line, meeting Laboon, Miss. Wednesday aka Princess Vivi, the conflict of Whiskey Peak, meeting the Elbaf soliders.
  • Season 3 introduced Chopper at Drum Island.
  • Season 4 was the Alabasta Arc.
  • Season 5 had nothing but anime fillers – Robin joins the crew.
  • Season 6 is the Skypia Arc
  • Season 7 was with the Davey Fights Back Tournaments.
  • Season 8 began with Water 7, the introductions of the CP9, Franky and the capture of Robin. This is the season where the Enis Lobby Arc occurred.
  • Season 9 is bound to be Florian Triangle.

The rest of the DVD had recaps of the TV specials, and was all about a good purchase for wanting to be reminded of this very long series. It definitely reminded me of the happy memories I have of this wonderful series.

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