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One Piece: Episode 324

This was a sweet episode… continuing from episode 323, the Mugiwara Pirates is still on the run from Garp’s ship.

Episode 324: Circling Bounties! Hometowns Dance as the Ship Advances!
The episode began with Mugiwara deciding a name for the new ship that Franky made for them, on top of running from the Marines.

It was funny, at first they thought to name the ship with Lion in the title, based on the lion-sunflower thing masthead. Ussop got pretty peeved off with Luffy who was trying to name it with words like Squid, Chimpanzee, Octupus, Polar Bear, Tiger Wolf – Lion etc. The other crew wasn’t much better, Zoro: Lionel Master, Robin: Being of Darkness, and Sanji: Monsieur Sunflower. Ussop yelled at them asking if they lost their minds. I wondered what Ussop thought of the name was to be. Frank’s suggestions: The New Battle Franky Lion Gang Champion, Lion Gang Champion…. man was he gloomy when he was ignored by the others agreeing on the new name.

Finally they decided to use the name that Iceberg-san had used: Thousand Sunny aka Sunny.

Franky then showed them the Miracle Emergency Acceleration Device – speed with three barrel cola power and they zoomed away from Garp’s massive iron canon ball.

The other part of the episode showed a catch up with other characters in One Piece as it shows the reactions of them upon seeing the new wanted posters. I finally got to see that Smoker was with his crew on an island somewhere on the grand line. He makes a goal of advancing in rank among the Marines and then made a vow to catch up with them in the New World. Baratie Cook Jeff and his other chefs had a great laugh over Sanj’s wanted poster… knowing it will pissed the vain Sanji off, seeing that it was only a crappy sketch… All the others in East Blue like on Luffy’s hometown celebrating at his wanted amount -much to the annoyance of the mayor, Zoro’s hometown – students were asking the Shishou questions; even after the master said for them to not follow Zoro’s example at all, Ussop’s hometown – no one recognized him as Sogeking except for the former Ussop’s Pirate and Kaya. Nami’s hometown – Gen-san had blown up the “improper” picture of Nami -hinting that he is a perv, but also that he expressed a complaint of lovestruck suitors after seeing this poster will want to chase after Nami and not bounty hunters. I was really happy to see Doctorina – she uses the bunnies now as a means of travel to and from the castle. Then there was Vivi and Carou – the king and Cabinet was very surprised at Robin being a part of the crew, but Vivi has matured greatly – mentioning that Luffy’s goal of Pirate King placed them on a different scale from his thinking.

Finally the final reaction was to see the reactions of Monkey D. Dragon. I was surprised to hear how rough his voice was.

The current total of the Mugiwara is 667 million and 50 beri. Now the next stop for the Mugiwara is Merman Island – I wonder if the Islanders would look anything like Arlong Pirates. Episode 325 previews indicates Ace’s battle with Teach D. Blackbeard.


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