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Squirrel Infestation at Sage Hall

Something amusing occurred this morning, as I came into work, my supervisor was cleaning the office with pine sol, I believe in preparations of closing up this weekend. He said he had felt better because the office was clean. While he was putting away the cleaning supplies, a squirrel appeared from somewhere, in front of my co-worker and I. It scampered around, perhaps looking for food or was cold.. but then it jumped onto the office chair and we were pushing it out. The funny part was that afterwards when we came to examine the chair, we discovered that the squirrel had peed on it. My supervisor had speculated if the rodent had the devious mind to come in and deliberately dirtied up the office again, but I then learned this was a recurring problem… right now outside on one of the window stills, there’s an active nest. Hmm… I wished I brought my camera though, it was a good candid camera scene.

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