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Sawajiri Erika- Destination Nowhere PV

This is the music video/promotional video for Mop Girl’s OP.. I am also watching this drama at this time.. and I happened to think the opening sounded good. So I was pretty surprised to see that Sawajiri Erika singing the theme…… I guess I should have guessed it was her. Well I didn’t researched into this drama as much as I did for Galileo.. but still I figure this drama has its good moments. I am not outright quitting this show as I think I did with Joshi Deka.

The drama is about a girl with the ability to go back a day before.. and change the events, with each episode having the death of a character and the girl is around.

This is a music video with Erika… and finally I got up to updating this post with a clip of the music video from the dorama.

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