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Galileo – Impressions of guests stars

This is such a good series…. the episodes are interesting.. on air chemistry is good between the two leads… and many many celebrity guests… well celebrity for me.. since there is a lot of other dramas that they’ve done that I have seen them in. I truly am tempted to move this up the ranks as a series I really like, but I can’t other than labeling it as a current series I really like since I don’t know the conclusion of this series yet.

I decided to write a bit on guest stars that I know and my impressions of their roles.

Katori Shingo – Never thought I’ll see him in a villain role, while I know he likes to stand out and take on different kinds of roles… this was a definite surprise for me to see him in such.

Horikita Maki – I was kinda annoyed by the one dimensional depth of her character- she didn’t have much lines to begin with, but then I believe from seeing her in Nobuto wo Produce and Deru Toko Demasho! I believed I expected more.

There are other guest characters that I have seen before, however I can’t really say my knowledge of them can be anything but just from the one or two times I have seen them in stuff. I do know that I am very excited to see Fukada Kyoko in the next episode..

Reminds me that I really want to finish watching Yama Onna Kabe Onna. Hmm.. On a side note I want to see Orange Days with Shibasaki Kou in it soon…. I can’t help but compare her with that initial role I saw her in… hmm… she’s getting older that’s for sure..

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