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Yama Onna Kabe Onna

December 6, 2007 Leave a comment

Just finished watching this drama… I was actually very surprised it went to 12 episodes.. it is an okay drama.. with the theme of a big breast woman against a thin chest woman. This was the first drama I can say that I ever heard of Japanese having different dialects. I guess you learn something new every time you watch something. What made me continue to watch this story was because of Ito Misaki and Oikawa Mitsuhiro.

Oh not them as a couple.. but their acting that is.. I haven’t seen Ito Misaki since Maison Ikkoku SP and I wanted to see more of her roles other than Densha Otoko. Her being a strong and determine woman is pretty refreshing.

Now why would I mention Oikawa Mitsuhiro? I honestly don’t know.. somehow his acting and maybe looks appeal.. I’ve seen him in about 3-4 other dramas and so far.. he always seems to be the supporting and never the main. I mean Oyaji, maybe he’s the secondary lead… but somehow his looks and styles seems to be interesting to watch.

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Galileo – Impressions of guests stars – Part 2

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I saw it.. well this is going to be a short entry.. since I only watched the 7th episode of Galileo.. but this episode was so surprising that my mouth dropped opened. So far there’s no sparks other than the normal between the two leads.. although I know the female is feeling something for the professor. It was very apparent in the boxing gym…

Seeing Fukada Kyoko’s character in this episode was such a direct contrast to the other two dramas I watched her in.. where she acted the ditz. Other than the fact that Galileo is much more serious than the other dramas. I didn’t realized she could pull the money grubbing fortune hunter that well.. in essence she was the villian for this episode.. which could only reflect my shock.

Next episode, the guest star would be Shaku Yumiko, whom I really like in Himitsu no Hanazono. Wonder how her role would be like, would it be really surprising or something else entirely. Also I saw her in a raw episode of Hataraki Man and I didn’t even recognize her, she was a guest in episode 2, and she cut her hair to a pixie cut. So until I saw the previews in Galileo and heard the tone of voice.. did I actually recognize Sahku Yumiko… nice..

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