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Yama Onna Kabe Onna

Just finished watching this drama… I was actually very surprised it went to 12 episodes.. it is an okay drama.. with the theme of a big breast woman against a thin chest woman. This was the first drama I can say that I ever heard of Japanese having different dialects. I guess you learn something new every time you watch something. What made me continue to watch this story was because of Ito Misaki and Oikawa Mitsuhiro.

Oh not them as a couple.. but their acting that is.. I haven’t seen Ito Misaki since Maison Ikkoku SP and I wanted to see more of her roles other than Densha Otoko. Her being a strong and determine woman is pretty refreshing.

Now why would I mention Oikawa Mitsuhiro? I honestly don’t know.. somehow his acting and maybe looks appeal.. I’ve seen him in about 3-4 other dramas and so far.. he always seems to be the supporting and never the main. I mean Oyaji, maybe he’s the secondary lead… but somehow his looks and styles seems to be interesting to watch.

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