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CLAMP in Wonderland 1 and 2

Well I finally got to see CLAMP in Wonderland 2 and I am not disappointed. It’s very cute.. now I don’t know which version do I like of the CLAMP music videos. They’re both so nice.. while the first music video has a better song, or is it because I heard the song longer? CLAMP in Wonderland 2 is an updated version of CLAMP works, which I am happy to say.. they included animated characters of what never made it into full anime series, like Clover, Legal Drug or, Suki, or even the Snow Maiden one.

This music video featured on the Mokona’s – Black and White ones making a trip through portals to visit world where the other CLAMP creations reside. There are two noteworthy scenes that had me saying, “Awwww…” Those are, the scene with Chobits cast, and then the Card Captor Sakura cast and then the Tsubasa Chronicles cast right after. Nice comparisons.

I betcha people would ask me why I wouldn’t go nuts over Clover, when for a long time that was a fave manga of mine, I figure because I saw the Clover music video, which is very much like the Wish music video that I am very happy to see it all the same.

CLAMP as I grew up, is really the best in doing crossovers with their mangas and anime works.. this is just great all the way around. Let’s see this is the song from the show by Maaya Sakamoto – Action and this is from the first music video by Junko Hirotani.

I wonder if I should do an upload for the music videos themselves, since I know there’s already copies of it out there on the internet. Any comments?

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