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January 15, 2008 1 comment

I am unclear on what to do with this blog? I blog a bit more on my other sites.. but it is all without purpose. I am reading some books now on blogging and what benefits does it serve.. writing activity and to inform. One of my unspoken resolutions for the new year, which is a constant thing, is to improve on my writing and blog writing. I just wish I did some more action than just thinking about it…

Going to an unrelated subject, I am lying on my stomach now and my cat’s favorite interest is getting on my back and lying there for who knows how long. It definitely gets tiring in a while, but if he is comfortable and purring. I would just grit the pain of his 17lb self on my back. I’ll enjoy his purrs and kneading.. I am not sure if I should be sarcastic or not, but I do have pictures of Tommy doing just that.. now I just need to figure a way of reaching the soda cup…..also try not to break into giggles since he’s stepping into ticklish territory.

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