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Cooking Mama 2: Dinner with Friends

Ahh a second part of Cooking Mama… oh how I want to be able to cook.. well I can pretend with this game. I cannot promise that I can cook as well in real life.  I wrote an earlier entry on the first game.

Pros about this game is that there is more features of the game to explore, there’s a section where there is a specific dishes to prepare for Mama’s friends. Some customizable images that the player can win if there is enough bonus is also garnered. This is a game that is meant for children, but it seems to be good if you want to imagine how to prepare the recipes in real life.

The cons, since there are several glaring ones.. the game gets redundant and boring in doing certain actions. There is also Mama’s speaking voice.. she has the most accented voice you can find. The game is  dumbed down in the requirements.. although there is one cooking method I can not get which is boiling a certain ingredient when the button on the stove moves back and forth.  I believe that I am nearing the end of the game though.  So this is an easy game to get through, with some warnings on scratching up the touch screen.


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