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T.M. Revolution at Kinokuniya, NYC

April 20, 2008 Leave a comment

This is a follow up to TMR’s concert at Comic Con this year. I didn’t get the chance to go to the concert, but I did get the chance to attend the taping of a short live radio show that he did at the second floor. My friends and I waited for about three hours to attend the event and it was pretty packed. I worried that it was going to be like Otakon, so I thought better early than late. Luckily we were in the forefront of the crowd, so we got a floor seat. It was painful for the legs though… but the event was short enough to handle it. Read more…

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Abducted Japanese citizens free anime movie

April 19, 2008 Leave a comment

I noticed this story as an entry the other day on my feed reader. The story of Japanese citizens being taken by North Korea. For whatever reason I am unsure of… human rights violation is what would be committed. The movie is available for free download here and in several different languages (English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean.) It is around 25 minutes long. This is about a family’s unwillingness to accept that their daughter Megumi who disappeared and later revealed as a North Korea abducted is dead.

The art for the video seems to be directed by Satoshi Kon.

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Trick – the movie

April 9, 2008 Leave a comment

This is not the 1999 movie, rather it is the drama’s movie. The premises of the movie is of the duo, Naoko and the doctor visit a village on the request of a guy to look for his childhood friend that disappeared. On the way to the ending, they exposed a witch doctor’s true intentions to a village.

I am a little iffy about the tv series, but there are rather funny moments in this movie that stood out.

Things like when the doctor used the Luffy signature move or how Naoko’s mother tried to run for a council role based on her skill with drawing characters.  Others things were pretty exaggerated…such as how is it that the girl stayed in that tight cramp spot for so many years. Also the part when the villegers were force to do that hand motion – Nice to meet you.. now that was silly.

Here is a link to the drama- wiki page.

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Mistreatment of Manga spines…

April 8, 2008 2 comments

What I am getting slightly annoyed is this article in Japanator.

The premise of the article is of the blogger, Dale North going to Borders and finding the security tag, and of the most inappropriate place, the tag is placed. Of course he also mention vandalizing the book and stresses the book in a bad way on holding the book open to get the perfect shot of the tag.

Mostly it was probably Border’s fault for placing the security tag in such a bad location, but I was thinking the book did not do anything to the blogger other than being printed on bad quality paper and then molested by people stressing the spine for that one clear shot.

If the Borders personal didn’t feel paranoid about their products, then that’s the reason why they tag the damn thing.. to not get robbed..

Still there are those manga campers..who stay there to read the entire book with no intentions of purchasing that stresses the book.. which in turn makes it such an icky place to purchase book.

Call me arrogant or whatever, but my policy is to either purchase the book shrink wrapped or from Amazon to not get the security tag hassle.

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Microsoft on a 360-Wiimote Killer

April 7, 2008 Leave a comment

When I hear news like this, I want to smack my head and think of how silly this sounds. I am neither a fan of the Xbox 360 or even of the Wii, but for Christ’s sakes what is the point of this? Is Microsoft looking to earn more money from the people that all ready has the Xbox 360 or is it that they are trying to get more people to buy the 360 in a pretty copy catted under handed way? They better have better games for a family audience other than Halo and stuff.

At this time I am pretty annoyed by how Microsoft is acting.. sure they want to get rich, but this is such a corny underhanded way. Do not get me started on that Yahoo threat.

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Yakusha Damashii

April 4, 2008 Leave a comment

After several days of lacking much sleep, I was looking through my drafts to put an end to. This was a dorama that I watched a while ago: Yakusha Damashii or At the Soul of an Actor. While this post is several years late. I have to say that I got to like Matsu Takako while I watched this drama.

She plays an agent for actors and in this drama she gets to be the agent for this Shakespearian actor. There were some issues when it came to light that the actor who is pretty old, had an illegiment child. Now Matsu Takako had to take care of the children, the actor and the company’s new accountant.

Takako’s acting was pretty strong in this dorama and there are funny parts.. so for a light comedic look at stuff then this is the Japanese dorama for anyone.

This is the theme song to the drama. I really like the message of the song.

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