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Yakusha Damashii

April 4, 2008 Leave a comment

After several days of lacking much sleep, I was looking through my drafts to put an end to. This was a dorama that I watched a while ago: Yakusha Damashii or At the Soul of an Actor. While this post is several years late. I have to say that I got to like Matsu Takako while I watched this drama.

She plays an agent for actors and in this drama she gets to be the agent for this Shakespearian actor. There were some issues when it came to light that the actor who is pretty old, had an illegiment child. Now Matsu Takako had to take care of the children, the actor and the company’s new accountant.

Takako’s acting was pretty strong in this dorama and there are funny parts.. so for a light comedic look at stuff then this is the Japanese dorama for anyone.

This is the theme song to the drama. I really like the message of the song.

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