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Mistreatment of Manga spines…

April 8, 2008 2 comments

What I am getting slightly annoyed is this article in Japanator.

The premise of the article is of the blogger, Dale North going to Borders and finding the security tag, and of the most inappropriate place, the tag is placed. Of course he also mention vandalizing the book and stresses the book in a bad way on holding the book open to get the perfect shot of the tag.

Mostly it was probably Border’s fault for placing the security tag in such a bad location, but I was thinking the book did not do anything to the blogger other than being printed on bad quality paper and then molested by people stressing the spine for that one clear shot.

If the Borders personal didn’t feel paranoid about their products, then that’s the reason why they tag the damn thing.. to not get robbed..

Still there are those manga campers..who stay there to read the entire book with no intentions of purchasing that stresses the book.. which in turn makes it such an icky place to purchase book.

Call me arrogant or whatever, but my policy is to either purchase the book shrink wrapped or from Amazon to not get the security tag hassle.

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