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T.M. Revolution at Kinokuniya, NYC

This is a follow up to TMR’s concert at Comic Con this year. I didn’t get the chance to go to the concert, but I did get the chance to attend the taping of a short live radio show that he did at the second floor. My friends and I waited for about three hours to attend the event and it was pretty packed. I worried that it was going to be like Otakon, so I thought better early than late. Luckily we were in the forefront of the crowd, so we got a floor seat. It was painful for the legs though… but the event was short enough to handle it.

There was a no picture, video or sound policy, so I will have to find the pictures that were taken by official photographers.. somewhere online as well as that radio show. So when TMR came, I was surprised to see how short he was, but he was so pretty.. as another friend of mine had said. He attended the concert.. so that was neat of him. There was a wave of cheering when he came in, with is hair all sprayed artistically up, he had black nail polish, two rings on his hands. His outfit was kinda shimmery and I was reminded breifely of a school uniform.

Anyhow.. some interesting events that happened during this event. This is the tenth time TMR visited New York and he actually visited Peter Luger’s at Brooklyn. Funny thing was that Hideki Matsui was at the restaurant just before TMR came, so the waiter kept confusing TMR with the Yankee player and TMR thought there was this type of Japanese beef that was served at the restaurant.

Then TMR kept pointing his microphone at the MC, since the man was saying a lot. There were then a podcast group who got to ask TMR some questions.. that’s pretty envious. Still I cannot for the life of me remember what their groups name was.

TMR did not sing at the event, but the people there played the A-side and B-side for his upcoming single which is for the opening of Soul Eater.

Okay this part is going to be kinda jumbled up. There was the reading of some fan questions.

  • Several questions like was his skin and hair care products were.. he said he woke up like this.. as pretty as ever…
  • What was his favorite gundum series? Gundam Seed Destiny, because he worked on the music and was a seiyuu in the anime.
  • Favorite anime is Gundam, because he grew up watching it and that if he realized that he would have the opportunity he did, then would have wet his pants.
  • Who did his nails… he said his friend is a nail artist did it for him.
  • What inspired his music.. he said life’s experiences.
  • What advice did he have for upcoming singers.. is to keep hope, that if they keep this in life then it will happen for people will pay attention.
  • Was there any difference in the American and Japanese fan.. said there were similarities.. that his Japanese fans will get jealous because he’s been having concerts here.
  • How did he get the energy he had to perform at concerts.. and he said his fans screaming “TMR” will boost his energy level.

The host had said before hand that because of the fan base TMR had in America that has invitations coming for him to perform. His first cocnert was at Otakon on 2003, then on the west coast there was one at 2004. TMR enjoys these visits a lot.

In the background of the store, there was a video of a concert TMR did and I was reminded of Shinichi from Gravitation because TMR was wearing these short shorts.

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