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HALCALI at Kinokuniya, NYC

May 31, 2008 2 comments

Another event just like TMR last month at Kinokuniya that I am happy to say I was able to attend. I went with my friends after work and it was highly enjoyable. The crowd at Kino was not as large as TMR, but that was TMR – this is HALCALI.

HALCALI is a Japanese female hip hop group, that became known among anime fans for singing the theme songs for animes like Eureka Seven, Damashita! Powerpuff Girl Z, and a few others.

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The Rabbit Hole: Anime and Escapism

May 30, 2008 15 comments

First topic of discussion in the round underway. I wrote this topic as a draft yesterday and I was a little too chicken to post it, so imagine my surprise to see the other responses to it today. Thanks to itsubun to organizing this massive group effort. Now this post would be answer this prompt and I hope you don’t mind my off winded tangents. I will try to find a graphic to post with this posting as well, since I see so many nice graphics.. but alas I suck at finding nice graphics… I’ll use a lot of screen caps instead then.

Why do you watch anime? What do you get out of it? Think about this prompt in terms of escapism. What is it that you are escaping from? How does anime offer you an escape from your reality? Talk about the way in which anime distorts reality by offering up fan services of all types, fuzzy feelings, and happy endings. What is the appeal of anime? How do you balance reality with the unrealistic nature of anime? Does this make you feel like a coward for not being able to cope with reality? Or do you think it’s a healthy refuge from the stress and hard realities of daily life?

I am going to take this prompt apart and reply in separate paragraphs to it… I hope that this responses fits the Rabbit hole analogy. I am writing this response, while thinking of various instances of high school anime situations and adult livelihood aspects. Read more…

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Soy sauce gun blaster…

May 28, 2008 Leave a comment

Skimming through at my google reader for the moment.. and found this to be of blogging interest/horror at Japanator. I am kinda gross by it though.. and sorry for who ever got sprayed with the soy sauce filled shooter. I haven’t thought about this type of activity in years. Still summer month’s coming up.. so I will probably see water guns a lot. Never thought that there were food fetishes and crimes like this..

Why can’t people target their own clothes or join up with a paint ball battle? Seems simple and hygienic, than the crime committed here.

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Mirai Koshi Meguru

May 27, 2008 Leave a comment

I have finished watching this dorama a while ago and I was pretty happy with it. It had a corny sweet ending and that made it a good watch. Although there were some random parts that would make you have a mental “huh?” Mirai Koshi Meguru was still a good dorama.

The faults of this drama though, was that often the acting was a little exaggerated. The father and mother of Meguru did overact in some sequences..and by the time Yoshida Eisuke toward the last three episodes showed up.. I was really grossed out. I like the performance of the older Yuuki, but the younger Yuuki was also sweet as well.

I am trying to recommend this drama to several friends of mine. The premises of this drama is that Meguru is part of a family that are espers.. in the case of Meguru, when she eats and is full – she can see the futures of people 20 years into the future. There were interesting guests and possibilities.. so this is a cute drama.

I am going to update some screencaps when I get the time.. but this entry is a filler is to plug in for time…

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XX Chromosomes Unit.. we’re off to war.. no wait..

May 24, 2008 3 comments

What I meant to say.. is that there is a Anime female Round Robin blogging community. If you fit the description described in the category of participants.. then please join us.. the merry band of marching bloggers.. I know this makes it sound so cheesy.. but feeling pretty cheerful about it… and our group has the word rebellion in it.. so makes us sound like nakama in arms..

Sign up details are here – Itsubun

I am feeling pretty hopeful about this.. been spamming the community’s forum for several days now.. so I hope this also translated to writing and revitalizing this blog. Hope people don’t mind if I have grammatical mistakes..

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