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Mirai Koshi Meguru

May 27, 2008 Leave a comment

I have finished watching this dorama a while ago and I was pretty happy with it. It had a corny sweet ending and that made it a good watch. Although there were some random parts that would make you have a mental “huh?” Mirai Koshi Meguru was still a good dorama.

The faults of this drama though, was that often the acting was a little exaggerated. The father and mother of Meguru did overact in some sequences..and by the time Yoshida Eisuke toward the last three episodes showed up.. I was really grossed out. I like the performance of the older Yuuki, but the younger Yuuki was also sweet as well.

I am trying to recommend this drama to several friends of mine. The premises of this drama is that Meguru is part of a family that are espers.. in the case of Meguru, when she eats and is full – she can see the futures of people 20 years into the future. There were interesting guests and possibilities.. so this is a cute drama.

I am going to update some screencaps when I get the time.. but this entry is a filler is to plug in for time…

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