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HALCALI at Kinokuniya, NYC

Another event just like TMR last month at Kinokuniya that I am happy to say I was able to attend. I went with my friends after work and it was highly enjoyable. The crowd at Kino was not as large as TMR, but that was TMR – this is HALCALI.

HALCALI is a Japanese female hip hop group, that became known among anime fans for singing the theme songs for animes like Eureka Seven, Damashita! Powerpuff Girl Z, and a few others.

They’re going to be performing on Sunday at Central Park. This is their first time at New York, since they debut at Chicago a while ago. I hope they enjoy New York, since they’re staying in NYC for six days.

Their purpose at Kino, was to tape a live radio show that is going to be broadcast in Japan a few weeks later. I actually saw a few familiar faces, such as a promoter from Anime NEXT and some other people I saw at the TMR event. I also saw the Geek Nights again and I finally got their url, will RSS them.

The host of the show actually recognized several faces and I am quite surprised to learn that he is part of a group, my sister likes, happyfunsmile. They’re going to be performing live in Chinatown later today and tomorrow at Central Park with HALCALI.

Well also the manager of Kinokuniya was saying thanks for seeing the normal faces and support. I wonder if he meant my friends and I, since we go weekly on a fanatical level, ever since High school and since their move to the new location.

Toward the beginning of the event, I was asked to be interviewed by someone, possibly a reporter, but I wonder if I was that good of an interviewee… I saw another fan more enthusiastically answering. I was kinda timid, but one question stood out and what I answered was later answered by Haruka  – saying that cosplay is the hottest thing. I answered what I liked of Japanese culture, with my tongue tied – was cosplay or kimonos.

Hmm.. I’ll try to record as much as what I can remember, just like the other time – there were no photography or recordings allowed, so I can try to remember the conversation that was discussed on the show. I actually wondered if there were as much to ask HALCALI as there was for TMR, the tone was certainly different.

HALCALI had before coming to Chicago made an international debut at France – and this was kick started from their song for Eureka 7 – Tips Taps Tip. They showed the music video for it. There were fans there and at Chicago even, which surprised the duo. They were very surprised when fans knew who they were and were singing along with them.

They were surprised as to how many people cosplayed and hoped to see cosplayers this Sunday. The purpose of their song messages – is to have fun and be happy, so on Sunday they want to leave an impression and bam with the American audience this side of the country.

Geek Nights was the asked to come up and they asked several interesting questions – what were they favorite anime if any – Sailor Moon. What manga do they liked – they actually mentioned reading Piano no Mori and of course I opened my mouth to ask if it was the Aya Ueto one and they answered affirmative, so I believe I left an impression with them. Then the Geek Nights asked for clarification for the half-panda in Baby Blue song, what it meant – they said it was just as it is half-panda with any animal.

My question from the survey was picked and I had written – how do they keep so perky and upbeat before shows and it was quite interesting with them doing a round the circle motion of Gambatte..

Another interesting question was – the way they stood with Hal always standing on the left and Cali the right. cold it be Calihal? The group answered it didn’t seem correct and for a visual effect they prefer this method as it makes them easier to be remembered by fans or viewers.

When the event was over there were autographs being taken, Kero and I went and brought two cds of Halicali and got it autographed. Somehow my hands were shaking and I spatzed out in front of the singers. I didn’t mean to spaz out, but I would imagine their performance being very good.. I am currently listening to Tips Tap Tip and it’s a really nice song. I’ll see upon going to sleep, would there be any more memories jarred.

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  1. susieq9
    June 2, 2008 at 9:50 am

    Ooh I’m jealous! I really liked Halcali’s song from Eureka 7. Did you get to hear them play it?

  2. June 2, 2008 at 10:17 am

    Ahh.. I like Tips Taps Tip too.. well at this event they showed the music video and then at the concert on Sunday.. they sang this song.

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