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Japan Day 2008 at Central Park

I made it back.. home.. after mentally cursing out the weekend public transit schedule. Anyhow this is my first time going to Japan Day at Central Park and I counted two of my friends including my sister who didn’t make it, because they were confused as to the location of this venue. The event was at 99th Street and 5th Avenue.

Japan Day is an event to promote and showcase Japanese culture.

At this event there was free foods, free entertainment and free viewings. The lines to food like Gyudon, Gyozo, and Udon were really long. I was about to walk away from the lines, when my friend said he was staying on, because it wanted free lunch. So I stayed on and enjoyed Gyudon and Gyozo. Mabo Tofu was already gone by the time I got there in the afternoon, which was at the middle of Act Three. I saw some people had Kabuki face paintings on their face and also carried water balloons which I would have loved to have gotten. Not the face painting, but the balloons.

Act three had a karate exhibit, a duet performance with a Japanese drum fusion with Spanish drums. There was then a Mikoshi Parade, which was interesting, albeit small and fast. Imagine the weight of one man and the wooden shrine.

My purpose for going to this event today was to go see HALCALI, which I had seen on Friday. I wasn’t disappointed by their apperance. They were the third music act after, Gaijin A Go-Go and Happy Fun Smile. I actually saw Happy Fun Smile yesterday at Chinatown, so this is the third time this weekend I saw one of their members, a Mr. Brian Nishii.

HALCALI sang for their act – Twinkle Star, Tip Taps Tip, Giri Giri Surf-rider, and a song about Sisterhood. I don’t even know what the title of that song is. Arg…!!!

Shota Shimizu was the last act and I was quite exhausted by that time, so I walked away from the front of the stage. I did look on from the distance at what he was performing, so that concludes my experience with Japan Day. I took some pictures which I selectively uploaded here and here and here. Warning for some duplicates… but they were the best I think that I took. Any comments?

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  1. iceblueaya
    June 4, 2008 at 11:45 pm

    HALCALI’s performance was fun~~!!! ^.^

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