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Japan Probe and Strange Map interesting feeds.

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These days.. sadly my anime watching has cut down… in favor of work, reviewing for an online journal, prepping for summer school, among other things. One thing that has reminded me of anime and Japanese news is the blogs I visit on a nearly daily basics. I found these stories today that was interesting.

Japan Probe is a blog I go to, to read of daily real life events at Japan. I am a junkie for news. This news has been interesting so far.

Cigarette Vending Machine Woes – I just thought of how much cigarettes are now in N.Y. $9 a box and now this is an example of Japan combating underage smoking.

Japanese government urges people to speed up on shower and bath – I think that ofuro is one thing that makes Japanese culture unique, but now in order of conserving energy – this traditional past time is being impacted. The entry meant speed in succession, so as to not let the hot water grow cold in the tub.

Since my undergrad was in Geography.. I have a fascination with maps and so I was pretty happy when I found this blog. Nearly everyday the blogger posts strange maps. I always find it interesting.. so this map will definitely get a kick out any heaven believer.

Heaven as an amusement park that never closes – In my mind now thinking of that Lamp Chop song.. kinda like this is the song that never ends.. yes it goes on and on my friends..

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