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Long list of favorite Anime ED Count

As I was reading through my Google Reader.. I was noticing other blogger and their topics.. I was inspired by A Day Without Me‘s posts on her favorite anime OP. While I like OP as much as anyone.. I noticed a trend of loving anime endings more, based on what I have on my iTunes. I’ll do another favorite anime opening another time.

I have a lot of favorite anime endings… I will be including Youtube links and a paragraph on my thoughts… some of the songs might have a PV link..so check it out and tell me what you think…!

Ah My Goddess: Sorezore no Tsubasa 2nd ED

PV from the singer

One of my undergrad years favorite.. I love how every cast member had an image in the ending when normally for a lot of endings.. there’s no image of the cast. The song is also really upbeat about lovers.

Sailor Stars ED

One of my teen year’s favorite anime series.. I cried when I saw this ending song.. I love the picture of Usagi and wished there was an actual jigsaw puzzle of the image. I remember fighting tooth and nail for the collecting card of this picture. Still I have so many favorite songs from that anime, quite hard to choose.

Naruto – Parade
Chaba PV

OMG.. I loved this song from the moment I heard it. I loved how the mixture of Japanese and Western instruments combined and so this song gets A++ from me.

One Piece – Memories

The ending that got me stated on this long exodus on loving this series. I keep on dreaming of a remake for this ending including with the shadows of new cast crew.. well Chopper, Robin, Franky and Brooks.

Bartender ED

I love how soothing/Jazzy this ending was. I wished there was more of a fan base for this series, or at least it appears that more people spoke about this anime. This was an adult anime, with each episode speaking about one different alcoholic drinks recommended by the Bartender for the customer. Every ending was different with the bartender making the episode’s theme beverage.

Bleach – My Pace
SunSet Swish PV

This ending is so cute with the various plushies singing and I love the message of the song. Very friend connection.

City Hunter Magnum Movie ED

Sexy ending.. this I watched from when I was five years and it stayed with me for years as something I loved of the series. Very 80’s-90’s sound… indicates a little on how long I have been watching anime.

Dragon Ball GT- 2nd ED
Concert of the song’s performance

Okay the GT series may have had a bad rep and is not as good as the rest of the series.. but what got me was the group unity in this song as well as the transition.. a fitting conclusion to a long anime. I was sadden when I realized that the female singer has passed away.

Gravitation – Glaring Dream

I loved how the anime images was layered with the highway and thought at the time that it was a pretty new anime concept.

Irresponsible Captain Tylor – Downtown Dance

I don’t know why, but when I first watch this ending, Tylor was shown with his crew drinking at a pool party and toasting a naked pin up, but apparently the English release of the anime thought that was too racy, so changed it to this ending of him walking. Still when I heard this anime, my mind subconsciously wants to toast and drink something alcoholic.

Karin – ED

I always thought this was an upbeat ending.. with a sweet ending and message. Vampire anime had always had a place on my list of things to see, so I was really surprised by the premises of this anime.

Nodame Cantabile ED
Concert Version

I first watched this series in live action and then I watched as the anime came out. I can say that this is one of the few J-pop singer crossing over into anime of which I love. I thought that this song as well as with the ending always gave an optimistic and natural view of Nodame’s love toward Chiaki-sempai. That there are trails, but true love will blaze the way. This is still one of my current favorite anime and live action.. what else can I say?

Yu Yu Hakusho 2nd ED

This was my favorite song during the climax of my obsessions with this series. This is the series alongside Sailor Moon that started it all for me..fandom, fanfiction, bl..

Shamanic Princess – Kaze no Matsuri

This song was the first anime I got into during High School.. after a stint of staying away from anime and so this marks a passage back into loving anime. I love the full version of the song.. with the beats and rhythm.

So concludes my list of favorite anime endings.. I wonder if I’ll remember any more endings that I love? Perhaps..

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