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Anime I intially grew up with before knowing they were anime…

Now as I was inspired by elezend‘s own blog entry. I decided to do my own little blog series of Anime I grew up with, I actually watched all of these in Chinese. I am providing each anime with Youtube clips. Would anyone recognize any of these animes? These anime I thought were cartoons when in fact they were anime series. I’ll do another entry with Anime in primary school, HS, College and Current. Now why would I do this? Archiving memories and walking down that lane.

Dr. Slump

The series I labeled as my starting point in anime. But then compared to the four following titles. I grow fuzzy on remember which I started to watch first. I certainly watched the VHS tape for this series the most though. The manga is currently available from Shonen Jump and I just got the 15th volume, so I am collecting the entire English manga. I contemplate on purchasing the series in Japanese actually. Since my friend is this summer going to go to Japan. I am sending her on the almighty important task of finding and possibly collecting the series for me. I placed a video of the theme song with the look of Arale having purple hair and the Gatchans having green hair unlike the 90’s version of brown and yellow hairs.


My sister loved this series more than I did. I loved the song, but thought the anime was rather strange. As an adult. I think I could find some humor in it. At that time and up to now, I didn’t find humor in looking at a man with red briefs. Still I never realized how lucky we were back then.. nudity and cross dressing was shown prominently, with not that much censorship I believe.. hehe… FYI… I believe this is the story arc of the father of Ultimate Muscle.

Ninja Hattori-kun

I loved this series, well I am sorry to say, but I didn’t grow up with Doremon, rather my earliest memory of Doremon was in the form of a cassette cover. I didn’t know there was even cartoons until I was around ten or eleven. I was also very happy when recently I got to see the Shingo Katori’s version of Ninja Hattori-kun. Still I am kinda surprised by the opening, well not use to the singer. I saw this opening in Chinese and I can still remember the melody of how that tune goes.

Umi no Triton

I am actually deliriously ecstatic for finding this series again. This is one anime that I grew up watching and tried to emulate. I thought it was so cool that Triton was able to ride the dolphin like that and breath underwater. Also cannot forget about the talking sea creatures.. (sighs). I never knew the Japanese name of this series, so when I was trying to find the Japanese name, i was thinking it was the Chinese name which is translated as.. Water Strong Youth. But then I thought some more and thought it has to be Umi Senshi.. which that didn’t work, because of all the Sailor Neptune links I found via Google. Still I persisted and typed in “1980’s,” “umi no senshi” and found forums to names with Umi no… and 1972. I never realized that this series was that old. Still this is like the only anime my mom had identified as loving the story of.. so I am going to be in the market to locate this anime series of 27 episodes. ^_^

I had action figures from this anime. Well I remember having the black main body, the blue and yellow lion/feet. The arms I remember not having. In my book this is the predecessor to Power Rangers. Animated of course.. everything else can just take a hike, well.. that’s my opinion. I placed two videos because I remember the opening and the transformation sequence vividly. I am quite happy to see this. During the time I was growing up, I was very influenced by shonen genre anime as you can imagine. So it wans’t until Sailor Moon and Magical Flying Pig Boorin that I actually realized that there were female targeted anime.

Kaze no Tani no Naushika

What can I say about this masterpiece. This is one of my first Miyazaki films and even up to this day. This remains one of my all time favorite anime. This is a scene from the ending of the movie, as I am well aware that many people have seen already. But the ending didn’t have the song version I grew up with (in Chinese), so this will have to do. Simply pure masterpiece. I highly anticipate Ponyo on the Cliff that is coming out this year in Japan. I need to do a top favorite female, male, mascot entry one of these days.

City Hunter .357 Magnum

This was my first introduction to City Hunter. I listen to the opening and ending constantly on my iPod as well as admire Kaori with her mallet skills. This was anime to my first anime crush. Seems weird, but I love the character of Umibozu and actually my first date reminded me of Umibozu’s height. It was also the first anime my mom raised objections to, because there were scenes of being in underwear and going into the bathroom, where Ryo offers for the female pianist to rub her back, while they enjoy a lover’s bath. Following the example of Kaori, I was at the age where I thought that all boys were germs and pipsqueaks. Perhaps five – six years of age was too young to see City Hunter. Unfortunately my mom fell into the trap of seeing anything that was cartoon as being suitable for kids.

Is this a bad list of animes to watch.. I don’t believe so.. it shaped my habits. Still I am grateful for this memory walk.

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  1. June 13, 2008 at 12:32 am

    All the anime you grew up with are in an older generation compared to mine O.o

    However, I’ve seen Ninja Hattori-kun for a couple of times (Is the anime made by the same person who Made Doraemon; Fujio F Fujiko?)

    The umi no triton reminds me of another old anime about a girl and also a dolphin (Apparently, she can ride on it and they are the best friend)

    Lol, I used to watch Tonde Boorin too and it was very similar to Sailormoon(You are making me find old videos on youtube D:)

    Didn’t watch City Hunter but I liked the songs

  2. June 13, 2008 at 1:28 am

    @ elezend. Yep I realize that my anime watching is pretty old, but I think it might be that I am four years older than you. I looked at your blog and see that you were born in 1988. I was born in 1984, then again a lot of these animes. My mom had acquired in VHS format, so I was lucky to watch it.

    Still I will be mentioning Sailor Moon in my primary school years, this entry is pre-primary and Evangelion in High School.

    Hmm.. well from my peeking around the internet, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fujiko_Fujio
    This is what I saw. The original creator of Hattori-kun (Abiko)was partners Fujimoto with did Doraemon. So there is similarities in artwork. Fujio F Fujiko is a variation Fujimoto, while Fujiko Fujio (A)is a pen name of Abiko. However Hattori-kun is older than Doraemon.

    Possibly.. I wouldn’t actually know.. becasue in Umi no Triton, Triton’s companion is a female mermaid who is his fiancee. She has a walrus as a caretaker.

    Ahh well it’s like my search for old anime too. I am bugging my friend who is going to Japan to get Dr.Slump for me. Oh by the time you read this, you’ll probably noticed that I placed up a new entry on Dr. Slump, was editing while you read this response. >_<

    City Hunter has wonderful music! Very 90’s techno for a lot of them.

  3. June 13, 2008 at 2:01 am

    My cousin that’s 9 years older than I do probably watched the same anime as you did but most of the animes he watched were mecha-type of anime.
    I can only remember watching DragonBall and also Kimba the White Lion during my pre-primary year. We don’t have much choices to watch when I was a kid.
    The dolphin anime is not related to Umi no Triton; the story was about a blonde girl o.o”
    Anyway, Arale the animated version didn’t grow up with me but the manga did. I love the smart robot boy couple with Arale =3

  4. June 13, 2008 at 9:09 am

    @ elezend. I wonder though, as an example. When I was in college. I met exchange students around three-four years older, who knew what I was talking about when I spoke with them, but when I spoke with exchange students in my age range. They were confused. Hmm.. I never watched Kimba.. altho I remember the controversy when they accuse The Lion King of copying or vice versa.
    I love the manga.. it’s so far my current reach into the anime in recent years, still affirming my love for the series. Obotchaman… aka Carmel Man #4. I loved their coupling as well. I wonder if Arale would ever realize that he likes her a lot.

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