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Otaku thoughts or should I say fujoshi?

Ahh the next round of the Round Robin! Yay!!! So here’s the prompt and my answer following it.

Give your own definition of an “otaku”. Do you consider yourself an
otaku [be honest, try to avoid hypocrisy]? What impressions do you
hold towards an otaku [positive/ negative/ ambivalent]? What issues/
insecurities do you perceive in them? Can you empathize with their
insecurities? Do you personally think it’s acceptable to be an otaku?
Do you think people should care about being labeled an otaku? Do you
think that they are a product of society?

And finally: Are you sure you’re not confusing your own insecurities
and self-loathing with your antagonism towards an otaku?

From the other entries in this round robin, there is the definition of being an otaku. I can only take a stand on it and define myself as an otaku, because otaku means an obsession with things right? The current trend associated in American culture with this word is Japanese anime/manga. I have heard from one of the dorama’s I watched though, there is the tetsu, which is train otaku (obsessed with trains). I have been obsessed with anime a very long time. Since high school, I liked manga as well, but to me anime is the first thing that makes me excited for a series.

However like other things in my life, I tend to place the terminology of Otaku on a pedestal and try to excel in knowing the most of anime out there. I welcome people to call me a know it all. (Arrogant ne? But I also try to stay humble and keep quiet). I also seem to think that otaku is a male term with masculine expectations of fanservices, so I use the term fujoshi in it’s place… knowing and accepting it as a term used for fangirls who love, breath and think about yaoi stuff. Hence the title of my blog, and probably as elezend defined correctly. Currently am looking yaoi series and books with a desperate gaze. I am a grad student with issues so, I would figuratively tell others to live with it. Anime is an addiction that I am not giving up so easily of.

I accept the traits of an otaku and can find some issues that I can associate myself with it, but on a real life situation, it is a case by case thing to meet with other people who have similar hobbies. There is clickage or not in being good friends. To those with common interest, I would be very interested in talking with. But with those who are only calling themselves an otaku, because of one or two series and not at all reserved about their likings, then I hold myself a little aloof from. I am also thinking about this issue from the yaoi paddle. Where people would try and enforce their likings onto another with no clear cause, other than being obsessed by their hobby, then that it something I find distasteful of. If I were younger I would probably have no problem with trying to enforce my likings onto other people, but have gotten burnt several occasions where that happened. So I am always trying to keep my obsessive outbursts to a minimum. That might not be as successful as some people can attest to it, but I always try to work on it.

I empathize with qualities of an otaku, but find that in emphasizing with them, just as the last round robin, I hold the stand of this being a very isolating hobby. Because of long hours with the computer, trying to satisfy my anime addiction, I have realized that I have perhaps stunted in my growth in other fields. My self-esteem and confidence is quite low, but this is actually not as apparent when people see me.


The population of the world is growing larger and larger and for this, there is the whole race to succeed as opportunities grow scarcer. Added with the expectation of society, there leads to incidents such as hikikamori. This is a scenario in Welcome to NHK which is an anime I never finished watching. I love and have watched Genshiken, tried to suggest this series to my friends to watch, but they didn’t and instead love the crackiness of Lucky*Star.

It’s not that I care about being called an otaku. I do have mixed feeling about the negative stigmas associated with being called an otaku, such as the incident with the Akihabara incident. That is something I feel sadden by and I imagine there would be repercussions associated with it. As an otaku though, I am very excited when new anime comes out or when there is a convention i can attend that is anime related.

Otaku I believe is a product of society and commercialism. I see the existing case in Pokemon, it’s been over ten years already and there is still the continuation of this long series. I see stores and products milking anime for all their worth and fans buying products, that would be useless in other people’s eyes. I find myself as a fan affected by what is the latest product to get (such as the case with the two bl-arts books I recently brought.. or this current situation of negotiating with my friend to get a nearly $2000 series of Dr. Slump.) It is a matter of what is the product out there and what price are you willing to pay.

Anime is a hobby that I have a hard time getting over, so to deny it is not a solution. I have my pride as being an otaku/fujoshi and would love to read/watch/learn more.

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  1. Hoshi
    June 15, 2008 at 6:34 pm

    Lol, I JUST found out what Fujoshi meant when Saimaisama (Death by Moe) mentioned it. Haha

    “Anime is a hobby that I have a hard time getting over, so to deny it is not a solution.” I don’t think we need to get over it. :] We need not deny it, cause it’s not like we can. It’s not like we choose to become anime lovers or otakus. It’s just how others define us. 😛

  2. June 15, 2008 at 6:42 pm

    @ Hoshi.
    You didn’t know what fujoshi means? Well I don’t really talk about my boyxboy love that much.. still.. hmm. when I was writing that line, I can only think of when childhood friends of mine, who use to watch anime don’t watch them anymore. That is frame of mine of what I think. I am not sure I like how society lump anime lovers together.

  3. June 15, 2008 at 10:44 pm

    [But with those who are only calling themselves an otaku, because of one or two series and not at all reserved about their likings, then I hold myself a little aloof from]

    I hate those kind of people

    Anime Otaku is more like “fashion-style” lately because when it gets into the society, it’s like a trend to follow them and it’s being rated from being geek to cool from the past to the present

  4. adaywithoutme
    June 15, 2008 at 11:15 pm

    Hmm, your idea of otaku being an inherently male term is a bit interesting, I wish you’d gone into it a little more.

  5. June 16, 2008 at 12:36 am

    Ah commercialization! Exactly! Take a look at Naruto! Naruto products are everywhere and nowhere. The anime has been on-going for ages; look at Pokemon, it has hit 300 episodes; look at Bleach, it’s one of the “big brothers” in the anime commercial industry.

  6. June 16, 2008 at 7:03 pm

    Eureka..well I am going to try and elaborate my ideas on otaku being an inherent male term in a follow up blog, so stay tune for it.

    I can say the same thing.. well I agree with what you say about the commercialization. I use to get sucked into collecting that much Pokemon memorabillia several years ago. How is Bleach the big brother in anime commercial industry though? I only see the normal cosplayers and the pencilboards, stationary stuff.. Hmm I thought I saw Sailor Moon being exploited more, what with the copy animes and the various products associated with it.

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