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Anime: Primary years, elementary to Junior High…

Well this is continuing from that first post dealing with openings from Pre-primary years. This next set of anime are what defined my years of elementary to junior high school.

Dragon Ball

This was the series I loved and collected many cards for, until an “authority figure” aka bitch aka para-professional confiscated my cards as a present for her grandsons. I never got over my shock of losing those cards, so after this series I was in an anime slump until I watched Yu Yu Hakusho and Sailor Moon. Then my spirits were revived. Still this is THE anime that so many people know about and that I was on the outfringes of. This is one of my favorite songs for the series, despite it being the second ending for the GT series that a lot of people didn’t like.

Yu Yu Hakusho

This is the series I immediately latched on and loved for years. After Dragon Ball, I found out aboujt this series and was hooked. This is the first series I ever thought of yaoi pairings.. I am a staunch supporter of Hiei x Kurama and have made one lasting internet friend from this. However by the time of the Makai Tournaments, I was already waning in my addiction for this series.

Sailor Moon

What can I say about this series? Anyone who’s an anime fan got to know about this series. I was first introduced to this series as being a series for girls and for that reason I wasn’t that into it, until after Dragon Ball. This was a big part of my Junior High School years with the breaks from Yu Yu Hakusho. I went through stages of reading fanfictions and up to this day, I still have on my drive, fanfictions I have never completed or fanfictions I love to read over and over.

Magical Flying Girl Boorin

I always thought that this series was cute. I watched the entire thing in Cantonses, so i was pretty pleased with this series. It introduced me to a lot of Japanese concepts that I didn’t recall seeing in other series.

Muka Muka Paradise

I watched this alongside with Boorin and was quite sad by the ending. This was a more downplayed series than Boorin and it made my weekends enjoyable.

Project A-Ko

I loved the battle scene between A-ko and B-ko. Just wondered why so many people were after C-ko. The music for this series was pretty upbeat and to see girls fighting with that type of artillery was off the charts, but really cool.

Luna Varga

Well this was the first anime I ever saw a yuri scene in it. I was always so disappointed that this was an OVA, I always thought that there should be more. The concept of how the Princess Luna was stuck on a dinosaur’s head was quite strange, but pretty interesting. I wasn’t really interested in much fantasy series after this one, until Slayers.

Ah My Goddess/ You’re Under Arrest OVA’s

These OVA’s I watched even before the tv series and/or dorama was out for this series. I was pleasantly surprised that the same mangaka wrote both series and enjoyed it. Ah My Goddess was introduced to me when my sister rented the OVA to watched and I rented YUA to watch afterwards. Those were VHS memory times. I remember bringing YUA the movie to my anime club and no one enjoyed it, but I figure that different series are acceptable for any anime fans.

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  1. June 15, 2008 at 7:11 pm

    I never finished Yu Yu Hakusho, but Kurama is great! ( I am not into yaoi though 😛 )

  2. June 15, 2008 at 7:49 pm

    @Kitsune. Yep for thinking that Kurama is great. You should finish watching the series. Well the series drags toward the ending, but that’s a closure right?

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