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Otaku Round-Robin followup

This is a follow up to an aspect in my previous Otaku post

I also seem to think that otaku is a male term with masculine expectations of fanservices, so I use the term fujoshi in it’s place…

From the previous post about Otaku, when adaywithoutme commented asking for elaborations on what do I mean by the male terminology. I guess I should go back to when I first read of the definition of an otaku and then of my following examples of what I mean by male terminology.

I first learn of the definition of otaku as having negative connotations in Japanese culture, that they were usually male and stuck in their rooms with obsessions on lolita and or other moe culture. I forgot where I read the definition from, but was then was recently supplemented by videos identifying what an otaku is.

I didn’t like how Densha Otoko were branded as the general otaku and you had to wear glasses or scream moe for certain things. I mean that’s being a rabid fan right?

Many characteristics of an otaku didn’t resonate well with me, because I was of the female gender. The social role of either being a girl who has to play with Barbies or love the color pink or the guy who loves to play with toy cars or love the color blue or something.

I can say that the first person I can identify as an otaku would be Mr. Hitoshi Doi, back when I was enamored with Sailor Moon, he was the source I went to. I am not sure if he considers himself an otaku, but magical girl shows were his hobby.

Still another example I have to point out is the fanservice in anime. While there are anime with one girl and many guys like La Corde D’Oro or Fushigi Yuugi. There are animes like History’s Strongest Disciple, Tengo Tengei, that features big breasted woman who act like bimbos in some scenes. Kamen no Maid Guide or Kanokon that show panty shots or leering men and portrayal of a sexy woman. Sumomomo Momomo with the lolita aspect. Kanon or Mahou Sensei Negima with the harem of woman. Just staring at these anime, some are good, but sometimes I just get so tired with seeing portrayals of this.

Even when seeing anime like Lucky*Star or Digi Charet, people are confronted with the visualization of the otakus.

Is this a needless rant? I don’t think so. That’s why I rather be called a fujoshi or an anime fan/fanatic, because I can’t stand the general characteristics of an otaku. Perhaps I am leaving out the U.S. or other non-Japanese cultures in the cold, but compare to the origin of the word otaku, my biggest impression is from the Japanese culture.

I rather see hot guys going for each other… and do not get me started on the hentai aspects.. because that’s another can of worms where I see nothing but victimization of woman in the quest to satisfy the great XY dominance.

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