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Anime – High School – Anime Club

These are series I associated and liked when I joined up with my high school’s anime club. This is where I have made many of my current real life friends and place that I have happy memories from.

Serial Experiment Lain

A mind puzzle, yep this anime was such. But I felt the concept was quite original and that it might have brought about the concept of wanting to be a part of the network. Reminds me of Ghost in the Shell. But at that time during high school, was having some identity crisis..

Shamanic Princess

This was the first anime I watched at the anime club, when I realize, after burning out from Jr. High that there were more than the current amount of anime I was watching. So I was very happy to see say this provided hope for me. I really like the second ending to this short OVA.


The series where I loved Megumi Hayashibara, other than her works in other anime. I loved the funny elements of this set of series. I am pretty excited for the new series Slayers Revolution that is coming out this summer. I remember wanting to emulate the laughter of Naga the Serpant in the OVA and was in Xellos/Filia pairing for a while. There were three series for this show, so I figure I’ll show all three show’s OP and that two videos of that hilarious song in Slayers Next where Lina and Amelie was force to perform. Obviously a parody for Sailor Moon.

Kodomo no Omacha

Yay for Sana! Well this was one of the series I loved when I was in high school. Loved the energy of Sana and how Akito teased her at the beginning. This was the first series I think I realized the popularity of boy groups, with Tokio singing the first opening. Hmm another song I realized at that time was SMAP with Hime-chan no Ribbon, but didn’t really pick up on liking until a lot later.

Kareshi Kanoji no Jijou

This series is commonly known as Kare Kano, but I learned it because of the first name. During the time I watched this anime and after, this was the first manga I seriously went and ordered the Japanese versions for, until Tokyopop started to release it. I loved the Tsubasa/Kazuma pairing in this series, while Yukino/Arima were all right for the most part. Just didn’t really like the ending of the manga and realized that despite a lot of things, this was a shoujo series, that I thought was good for the most part.

Neon Genesis Evagelion

I’ve seen several blogs or videos that announce that this is one of the best opening of all time. Well the series is that good of an anime. Kinda spooky, but psychologically it screamed teen angst. Lots of people hated or didn’t mind Shinji for his angst, but I watched and enjoyed the anime very much. Was very sadden by the second movie, when that scene with Asuka occured. I absolutely adored the first movie where there is much recap from the entire television series. My favorite episode from this series has to be The Day When Tokyo-3 Stood Still.. somehow teamwork always got to me.

Vampire Princess Miyu

After a while of reading The Last Vampire by Christopher Pike and the start of Buffy the Vampire Slayer with Sarah Michelle Gellar. I was hooked onto the romanticized image of vampires. So when i discovered this series, I grew in love with it. The soundtrack for this series is something I liked for years.

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  1. June 18, 2008 at 12:37 am

    You have an interesting way of presenting the anime you saw by periods. The way you perceived those anime and the impact it had on you depended on the stage of life you were going through. It is it good to look back and reflect about where we were then and where we are going now.

    Serial Experiments Lain is a great anime 🙂 To me, it is mostly about the concept of Gaia.

    I never got a chance to see Slayers. That last clip with a song is hilarious lol Maybe I should check out the new series coming out this Summer.

    Ah, Vampire Princess Miyu. I liked that anime, but only saw a couple of VHS tapes of it I think. It is still on my to watch list.

  2. June 18, 2008 at 2:18 am

    Kareshi Kanoji no Jijou, I youtube-d it and found it! It’s GREAT! Thanks for the recommendation! I’m at episode 2 now and am planning to marathon it.

    Vampire Princess is a mysterious series but it didn’t catch my attention too much, it’s an easy to drop series and took me long to complete even half of the series. I think, I might give Serial Experiment Lain a try next. Everything is worth trying for me now since it’s the holidays. XD

    Oh yeah, adding the ones that I watched in the past are Pokemon, Doraemon, Digimon and DragonballZ. Not really girly ones to begin with. >.<

  3. June 18, 2008 at 3:21 am

    Yep I got inspired by blogs I read and wanted to take a memory lane walk. Mostly wanted to if it would attract like minded people like yourself to comment. Lain was good… Slayers.. to get the entire thing on DVD last I saw was pretty expensive for the entire series on ebay. I would so recommend watching the movies, and TV series separably. Slayers Next has hysterical parts, but every series in Slayers was funny. Vampire Princess Miyu was good… I have it on VHS as well… which do you like the OVA or the TV? I watched the OVA and then moved onto the TV, sometimes I wish they also animated Vampire Yui as well.

    Don’t worry, I like recommending people to enjoyable stuff to watch. That way, more fodder for conversation. Kare Kano is one of those early Gainmax series I found and loved. It was from a rush of Evangelion that I got into the series myself.
    I didn’t start out with girly series as well. Still don’t really watch that much girly stuff, unless you mean Special A or something. Don’t I know it.. how do you think I got my follow up on why I think Otaku is such a male word from.

  4. June 19, 2008 at 7:26 pm

    I don’t recall whether it was TV of OVA, but I do recall a boy and a girl who was a doll or a spirit that possessed a doll. I think it was OVA.

  5. June 20, 2008 at 4:59 pm

    @ Kitsune
    Sounds like the OVA.

  1. June 18, 2008 at 1:19 am

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