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The Mechanics of Rape Fantasies

June 28, 2008 11 comments

This is the third round of the Round Robin and a double serving. I figure I’ll write on this prompt first and probably stay out of the second prompt. I promise that I will upload Rated R pictures…as well as write about things I am comfortable in confiding, I’ll probably be jumping all over the place. I’ll try and focus on the angle of hentai portrayal of women and my thoughts. Warning for the inclusion of adults only links, so do not click if you’re underage or not mature enough; if there’s anyone that knows me in real life and reads this post, then this is just me waxing prose on what I occasionally watch or play video games on.

What are your thoughts on rape fantasies? What’s the logic and appeal
behind indulging in rape fantasies? Do you have rape fantasies? Do you
find them acceptable? For this topic, there are several angles form
which you can address this prompt. While others
might wish to address the hentai genre and talk about their thoughts
on the depiction of women and sex in hentai [violence, tentacles,
bondage, etc]. Please note that this is going to be one of the most
challenging topics to write about because it’s so explosive and
bounded by taboo. These issues are ones that people would normally not
feel comfortable discussing in a public space.

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