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The Mechanics of Rape Fantasies

This is the third round of the Round Robin and a double serving. I figure I’ll write on this prompt first and probably stay out of the second prompt. I promise that I will upload Rated R pictures…as well as write about things I am comfortable in confiding, I’ll probably be jumping all over the place. I’ll try and focus on the angle of hentai portrayal of women and my thoughts. Warning for the inclusion of adults only links, so do not click if you’re underage or not mature enough; if there’s anyone that knows me in real life and reads this post, then this is just me waxing prose on what I occasionally watch or play video games on.

What are your thoughts on rape fantasies? What’s the logic and appeal
behind indulging in rape fantasies? Do you have rape fantasies? Do you
find them acceptable? For this topic, there are several angles form
which you can address this prompt. While others
might wish to address the hentai genre and talk about their thoughts
on the depiction of women and sex in hentai [violence, tentacles,
bondage, etc]. Please note that this is going to be one of the most
challenging topics to write about because it’s so explosive and
bounded by taboo. These issues are ones that people would normally not
feel comfortable discussing in a public space.

As a background, I used to review for some titles on Hentai Neko. I reiterate on taking a disclaimer, for those that know me in real life – which I would not be talking about this subject as much – because of personal reasons. Knowing about various areas of sex is what I believe to be a human voyeuristic thing – so I view, read, or play with titles that explore the baser side of human beings.

It’s just a fact of life that I learned about this type of media at a much earlier part of my life, so while I seem like the biggest hypocrite, I guess I don’t do some things as a stake on personal self-preservation. See what the big fuss people are talking about when they say the big O for woman.

I was actually comparing and contrasting various forms of porn in Japanese, American, and European culture a while ago with my best friend.

Japanese always has the woman saying no, no, no and making these squeaky breathy gasps while they take it. Europe, as I see, doesn’t mind the raunchy dirty sides of sex, such as spitting or doing it in closets. American, well, American culture strives to fulfill the man’s fantasy – notably if he jacks off while watching the porn. Everything’s a formula in American porn; you see blowjobs, dirty language, and ass humping to vaginal penetration with the woman screaming for more.

*ehem* That is porn for you.

Logic and appeal speculation as to why people think about rape fantasies – the forbidden factor – the dominant factor. Being able to know that you’re taking someone, unwillingly, and come out victorious; snatch what is ripest. Social roles, gender roles…

Rape fantasies are something I feel annoyed by. I see this in the hentai I have viewed and on some of the

porn that I have viewed. I don’t support it because I believe that sex between partners should be mutual giving and taking. So I don’t believe that rape fantasies are socially acceptable, unless they’re physically

permissible before the act begins – kinda like role playing. It hurts to be the woman penetrated and even worse if they’re virgins. (Thinking about this in reference to Night Shift Nurses –ugh!) So to be taken by force and rape is on the gross factor. I also remember reading The Rape of Nanking: The Forgotten Holocaust of World War II by Iris Chang where I read of horrific acts of rapes were performed. Still, that is wartime atrocities, and times have changed – but Japanese culture apparently believes in the whole dominant and submissive department. Now as for rape fantasies, I imagine it is to show the submissive man that they can be king.

In Japan there are plenty of hentai visual novel games that I believe caters to the otaku crowd. I have begun several types of these games, but have never finished any one of them, mainly because of annoyance, boredom, and something else comes up that is more interesting. Hitomi –My stepsister definitely caters to the premises of rape fantasies.

However, these are all men’s fantasies, so most often I get fed up with it and have relied on reading fanfictions of erotica to find a loop hole in getting away from the rape fantasy expectations, where writers have catered to a fandom I read about- Severus Snape/Hermione Granger. Ms. Figg and LadyoftheMasque are two Harry Potter fanfiction authors that I have been reading to fulfill my ideals of erotica sex. I wonder if I am getting away from the topic though. I’ll try and get back on track.

I have always been somewhat optimistic on finding good examples on sex with plot that is plausible, realistic and/or pleasant to watch. Something maybe similar to Mezzo Forte or Tokio Private Police; instead I watched examples of Shusaku, Night Shift Nurses, or Bible Black, which annoyed me. These characters are drawn to cater to men’s desires, where there is one particularly ugly man, able to dominate many girls in horrific ways.

There is an idea though, that with pain comes pleasure, so if the evidence of what I see from the sexual fetishes I see – such as bondage or S&M, then that is another level of sex I would find myself puzzled about.

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  1. June 28, 2008 at 2:42 am

    Sounds fuzzy, but kudos for opening a sensitive topic.
    I gather that in this definition, “rape fantasy” is actually “rapist fantasy” – that is, not someone fantasizing unrealistically about being a victim of rape (unrealistic, since rape is defined as an act you don’t want) but rather a fantasy of committing rape.
    It helps to compare it to revenge/murder fantasies, I think. Murder’s wrong, but a gazillion films place protagonists in a position where they’re incited to murder (they killed his wife, they burned his house, they raped his dog…)

  2. June 28, 2008 at 10:03 am

    Its scary to think that a lot of people must find this type of fantasy entertaining in manga and anime, after all they do keep churning them out.

  3. June 28, 2008 at 12:18 pm

    “In Japan there are plenty of hentai visual novel games that I believe caters to the otaku crowd. I have begun several types of these games, but have never finished any one of them”

    Yes, all of those games that were commercially translated into English were and still are complete crap. However there are h-games that are good with well developed characters and an interesting storyline (Parfait chocolat second brew, fate/stay night, Kanisino, just to name a few), it’s just that they are in the shadows of the stereotypes of h-games(I mean, no one who played tomoyo after or Air will say that h-games are all crap, they will say that they were moved by the story).
    Good post though, I agree with many points, especially about how women are made for men in so many of those situations.

  4. adaywithoutme
    June 28, 2008 at 12:25 pm

    I would agree with you on the fact that a lot of this stuff is aimed at men and leave us women/girls with very little to suit our likes. Dammit, I want a non-rape-containing otome game translated for the English-speaking market!

  5. June 28, 2008 at 3:13 pm

    @ ojisan
    My friend said “Awww..poor dog…” It is a fuzzy process for me to say it… but if anything.. a lot of hentai characters are one dimensional to the point that they would blackmail to get some meat. Does that make sense?
    @ Sakura
    That is probably human nature….
    @ Choux
    Thanks for the suggestions.. I’ll look into them! Hehe I should probably put together a list of what game that I have.
    @a day without me
    My friend said the closet things to female otome game are Yojimbo and on a horror level to Animundi…

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