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Manga Next – October 31- November 3

July 16, 2008 Leave a comment

Yay!!! Well sister con to Anime Next… I am planning to go to this con… sent an email to my editor about doing a report for this con. Instead of Anime, this is focusing on Manga and is located in New Jersey. The announcement is here.. I guess more news will come out later.. but I believe early bird is $20 and on the door is $30 if they’re following last year’s rate.

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Sad BL-industry news..

July 16, 2008 4 comments

Today as I was reading through a back log of blog entries, I decided to hop over to 801-chan blog and I found them mentioning my review that I wrote… mentioned by another person… man was I pretty happy and quite surprised. I know that my favorite yaoi publisher would have to be 801. So this was a nice surprise.

On a sad note… Youka Nitta is quitting her job as a mangaka. I feel kinda sad that she had to quit. I remember listening to what Mina’s opinion is and I am pissed off at copyright fiends for them saying that she plagerized. Sure she traced, but what is art then?

I know for sure Sam doesn’t feel any qualms about copying other people’s work IF that inspires him to create something new in terms of fashion.

Art should not to be held in the same standard as writing, so if the artists makes emphasis on tracing, then so what? I mean people people are vile for plagiarizing written work, but are they determine to make art have a standard? Because as sure as I am not a drawer, I don’t believe that people should have accuse her of plagiarizing. I remember back to when i was taking that drawing class, everyone was encourage to go out and copy other’s people’s art as example.

I leave you with this suitable link… check out the Youtube video at the end.

Also another sad note… Iris Press is closing shop and they’re having a sale… use the coupon “liquidate” to get 50% off of the books they have. I remember seeing them at Otakon last year and to see this happen, makes me kinda sad. I went and purchase one of their items.. Connections.

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