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One Piece 362 Musings..

Logically I should be doing an episode review, complete with screen caps, but I can’t get over the fact of how cool Zolo’s sword fights are and how dramatically complicated they are. Dramatic in how flowery attack power phases being used. Flowery attack phrases.. hmm I guess if people would see series like Soul Eater, Bleach or Sakura Taisen, then there would be the usage of these phrases. It does seem funny to see how fansubs would translate it, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

As a fan I don’t get that anime exposure, other than the anime fansubs I download, so i am very grateful for fansubs being around.

Yep so in this episode.. Zolo fights with Brook’s shadow who’s body is a former famous swordsman, similar to Zolo. The amount of power is so cool looking, and the experessions of Franky and Brooks is comic relief.

Similarly in the previous episode with Ussop fighting Perona, let’s just do a big eww.. for the cockroaches.. as the episode ends, though Perona is scared to fainting point.

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