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Otakon Prep…

July 21, 2008 Leave a comment

Now let me just say.. that if I am going nuts over Otakon, it is because I am…pretty excited for it. Prepping for it in terms of getting a pseudo-cosplay ready.

Norimaki Arale – need the overalls, shirt and perhaps shoes. Have hat, poop.
Studio Ghibli fan- Have shirts, Teto plushie, shorts… ready…!
Other days will be dressed comfortably.

Roomie situation a-okay. Press pass.. need to scan id and send samples…

So for this year I am going by myself, because woefully _ Kero and 801megane has jumped out of the ship or left the building. Aya’s in the great and almighty Nippon and Herd’s…  he doesn’t want to go. So I still am catching a ride with Bellos and meeting up with Silent death.. so…. life is just grand… now for some Otakon fan swag.

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