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Anime College years

Ahhh.. this draft has been on my wordpress account for several months now. Just had to add coding and write some thoughts. Also need to prep for Otakon 2008 and one thing also is to try and clear my blog reader… still 1000+ posts over the mark.. so occasionally leaving comments on other people’s blogs.

This is coming to a near closure in posts for this memory walk, might do another recap several years from now.

At undergrad college, I spent four years away from my mom’s house, upstate with my first personal desktop computer. So at a college environment with high speed internet and no anime club in sight. What else was I to do with keeping my head into the anime stuff.

Full Metal Panic

I am sure lots of people have heard of these series. I just adore the singer for all of these opening – Mikuni Shinokawa. I enjoyed theses series immensly and was sad to see it end. One really nice memory was seeing the seiyuu’s for the anime, Souske (Tomokazu Seki) and Shinji (Mamiko Noto). These videos might be a repeat of a previous post I wrote on favorite openings. These are videos to all the openings (endings) to all three series. I am putting on a permanent wishlist for a Bonta-kun plushie!

Kaleido Star

Circus anime, I loved watching the various acts and the motto of this anime. I like watching the various openings and ending in this series. So I placed my favorites….

One Piece

Since this is an ongoing series, with nine opening and countless endings. I decided to choose one of my favorite opening, since I am sure any anime fan would know of this series. I started to watch this series, out of curiosity and nothing else to watch when I was a freshman and I was hooked from then on. A co-worker of mine, pegs this series to hit the 500 episode mark, just like Dragon Ball, so who would know? I am still enjoying the series.

Midori no Hibi

A gem I found at Spring of my freshman year, I liked the premises and hope that this series had..and enjoyed it a lot.

Princess Tutu

Swan Lake meets the anime world.. well there’s the duck that became a girl in order of saving evil with classical music and ballet musics. Pretty cute series, but I wished the ending was better. I am a supporter for the duck and the supporting male lead… cast aside the prince and his black swan!


Awww… cute series… I am trying to keep up with the graphic novel, but I just happen to enjoy the ending theme of this series.


CLAMP love!!! I like this series when I watched it and am contemplating on purchasing the artbook consistently..

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  1. August 10, 2008 at 11:21 am

    I have not seen any of these anime with the exception of a couple of episodes of One Piece D:

  2. August 11, 2008 at 9:33 am

    Ahh.. you should watch them then!

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