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Ishigaki Yuma and Yaoh/Hana Kimi

In this past year, I have been watching as much Japanese doramas as I have time to and while there are multiple main characters to really like, such as Matsu Jun or Itoh Misaki or Kou Shibasaki, I always have a preference for the supporting characters and the multiple roles that they played.

I was quite surprised to see that Ishigaki Yuma was in several dramas that I have seen already such as Shimokita Sundays, Hana Kimi, and most recently Yaoh. These are certainly old dorama titles, but to see his acting and looks, is just wow. If I didn’t see his profile on Drama wiki and then took these two screen caps, I would imagine that they are two different people instead of actors. Their voice style and character’s personality is so different. Makes me wish that HK drama actors have that quality to act, instead of getting so typecast, that I don’t even watch much now.

Yaoh’s Ishigaki

Hana Kimi’s Ishigaki

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