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Proper personal closure to Otakon 2008

September 9, 2008 Leave a comment

All right, I realize I completely forgot about putting a perspective of Otakon here as I wrote in previous Otakon 2008 posts. Well in a month being overdue and with Fall semester underway and my posts on NYAF, why beat the dead horse of Otakon 2008? Well because I am feeling like jumping on the bandwagon and doing a final personal perspective post for Otakon 2008 – so there.

I got lazy because, one I was so wiped out by the con and two I wrote a two-part con report for JLHLS – which a friend called it dry and so I was feeling kinda bad. Now as a recap and as a memory cap, I am writing here – one month late. I attended the convention as press, so my philosophy was that if I were to write a report – have to report facts. I didn’t want to introduce emotion to things like that. Read more…

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