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Proper personal closure to Otakon 2008

All right, I realize I completely forgot about putting a perspective of Otakon here as I wrote in previous Otakon 2008 posts. Well in a month being overdue and with Fall semester underway and my posts on NYAF, why beat the dead horse of Otakon 2008? Well because I am feeling like jumping on the bandwagon and doing a final personal perspective post for Otakon 2008 – so there.

I got lazy because, one I was so wiped out by the con and two I wrote a two-part con report for JLHLS – which a friend called it dry and so I was feeling kinda bad. Now as a recap and as a memory cap, I am writing here – one month late. I attended the convention as press, so my philosophy was that if I were to write a report – have to report facts. I didn’t want to introduce emotion to things like that.

Day 1-Thursday

Friend was kinda late in picking me up at my place, we went to the city and picked up the two other guys riding down with us. Driving was such a hassle in the city – plus with the semi- assistance of GPS Navigation. We made it out of the city – after several wrong turns. It was very hot in the car.

Made it into Baltimore and I checked into the hotel. It was nice, the room wasn’t as big as the room last year, but that was okay. I went to BCC to pick up my weekend roommates, of which I’ve never met after none of my NY crew wanted to go this year. So I took them all up to the hotel, and they paid me. I was lucky though that I got a safety deposit box at the register, since I heard someone afterward couldn’t get one.

I walked back to BCC afterwards to go to a voluntary orientation for press, to which I was late to. That night I ended up walking back and forth from BCC to the hotel like around three times. Agh! Still Thursday was pick your badge day and wow..did it seem like there was a lot of people this year. Thank god I didn’t have to wait on line, being press had miniscule perks like that you wouldn’t believe. I had dinner with a new friend at California Tortilla, which was kinda like the Baltimore version of Chiptle. Met up with the moderator for Animejutsu. Really really surprised to get around 1000 cards for the group, and ended using a large batch of it.

Day 2 – Friday

Woke up pretty early, went to an obscure Starbucks… sweet!!! I hate lines, and so last year was really annoyed with the 30+ Starbucks line at the BCC. So it was really neat to find this location. Got really early to the con, and decided to stick around, took lots of pictures of cosplayers. Made the mistake of hefting my laptop with me, so I was so in agony by the time the afternoon rolled around. Found Rai, and stayed with her through several panels. First panel went the Sailor Moon creator, really sucked at the elimination round. Wanted that original tote bag though. Split with Rai afterwards for a bit, got some really greasy horrible pizza for around $8, as lunch – couldn’t finish it. Listened to half of Peter Fernandez panel. Waited for the Lantis panel, was so surprise to see Jam Project, had an interesting time looking at one of the members who was bored, and making faces. Also got to ask a question to Jam Project about Animelo *squee*. Then saw the opening video of Otakon, which looked really interesting. The MC said no to cries of encore. Discovered that head of madhouse and Kappei Yamaguichi are quite short people. Similar to the height of TMR, but no matter.. it’s Ussop/Tomobo/male Ranma/superstar seiyuu!!!! And to the person that gave Satoshi Kon a chance!

Then listen to Madhouse panel, which led me to see one of my current anime obsession – Chi’s Sweet Home. Got shot down for an individual interview with the head of Madhouse, but got a question answered about his reading habits. Afterward was planning to head to some more panels, but was so fatigued with sitting at the four and a half panels I sat thorugh, decided to call it quits for the day. Went to Dealers Room, found a former sempai as a dealer there. Missed out on an Industry/Fansub panel, I wanted to go to.. which I really was annoyed by.

Then left my laptop at Rai’s hotel room, and walked with her to the concert hall/sports arean location to see Jam Project Concert. As press, imagined that it would have been good for getting seats, but not really – also really crappy lighting, so gave up taking pictures, but still persisted at some moments. The concert was pretty good, that it felt like deja vu when it was all over. Was exhausted by the end of the night. Watched and criticize the opening ceremony of the Olympics.

Day 3 – Saturday
Woke up again really early, met up with Rai for a photo shoot and then was waiting for autographs for a large portion of the day. Was so worried about not getting Jam Project’s autograph, but Bandai was giving away 100 speed tickets, so ran for it… got it. Then went and tried to find a way to the Artist Alley, walked right past the darn door, but I did go back and I quickly walked around and it was nice. I even got several prints and stickers. One of the prints I got was One Piece, this I eventually gave to Kappei Yamaguchi. Then I rushed outside to see where Rai was, she was on the same line, that i was in, but was still waiting. I was sent to get her cd autographed by JAM Project, so I quickly ran downstairs to the Dealer’s Room and discovered I was the second to last person on the line for the express line tickets to be closed for the JAM Project Dealer autograph session. Met Peter S. Beagle, and spoke with him for a little bit. Then stayed at Dealer’s room until they closed… but by that time I was so exhausted… that I took a cab back to the hotel.

Day 4 Sunday

I woke up pretty early again, went to Starbucks with a weekend roommate and then walked over to BCC for a last run thru the dealer’s room. Mailed something to my editor from the useful post office at the convention. Then went and got an autograph from the head of Madhouse. So pleased by that, but then was so unpleased. It turned out, that I dropped my cell phone, so was depressed/worried out of my mind for two hours. Bumped into my friend, who grabbed me for lunch at California Tortilla, to get my mind off the phone thing. Recieved news that my cell was found. So happy.. so went back and picked that up. Then made my way to pick up my luggage. With that, I left Baltimore soon and head for home.
Day 5- Monday – Post Con

Was very hung over with the con, but manage to make reservations for next year’s Otakon. *Whew* So Otakon 2009 or Bust!

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