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Chi’s Sweet Home – First Four Japanese Episodes Free

September 10, 2008 Leave a comment

Okay, this might be late news for all the ANN blog readers, but I found out about this news… well today.

First four episodes about wandering kitten streamed online until December 3

The website is streaming the first four three-minute episodes of Chi’s Sweet Home anime for free in Japanese. (In the linked page, select the orange button for each episode. Recent versions of Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player are required for digital rights management.) The anime adapts Kanata Konami‘s manga about a kitten who gets separated from her mother and siblings, and then gets adopted by a new human family.

Well I watched 78 episodes of this so far, and have brought over $60 worth of merchandise, but this series is so cute..that I have to say it rocks!

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NYAF 2008 panels..

September 10, 2008 Leave a comment

Oh there is actual panels listed now regarding about NY Anime Festival, if anyone is going. Here‘s also a handy grid.

What I am listing below are panels that I am interested in going. Unfortunately I’ll only make it to NYAF on full days for Friday and Sunday and Saturdays after 5pm. So these are panels I am interested in. On a side note… I really would love to go to the Anime Blogging panel on Saturday, but have a class that I am taking from 10am to 4pm, hence my lateness in attending NYAF. So if there are any anime bloggers, who are attending this, panel at NYAF…any information if any? Read more…

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