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NYAF: Day 1

September 27, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Recapping now. Well this is a prep work for my con report for JLHLS, when the con is over. That will be a more professional reporting style writing… this entry is for a personal emotion feel, and as a fan girl to just gush over some things – that would be rude.

NYAF began at 1pm today. Jacob Javis is just not the place to be for conventions. It is smack dab in other side of the city, where transportation really sucks, especially if a con goer leaves the con at 10pm at night.

So the panels I went today was:

Anime & Manga Journalism. That gave me some more hope and ideals on writing more. Let’s see how that resolution would go, with my real life schedule as ever changing as it is.

Funimation Anime Panel. Too much dubbed anime, and not as much subbed anime options. Couldn’t believe the voice of Tamaki from Ouran’s Host Club. Was surprised to learn that I could have met Hinano, but I believe there’s always hope for tomorrow and Sunday.

Spent a long time at the Dealer’s room – too much things, couldn’t see everything, becasue I was too busy at the Artist Alley. Got a new fanart of Urd, a Chi’s Sweet Home Fan sticker, an Ouran High School Host Club Fan Art Bookmark. I hope to be able to go tomorrow or Sundays and get more things. Bumped into an old Sempai at his stand (he’s a dealer’s room seller) and also got two new H-Games. Added it to my long list of games to be played.

Kingdom Hearts Anime Fandom Panel. Left after ten minutes. It’s was okay, lots of booing for the PS3, but let’s face it.. the necessity to have as much new generation game console is necessary to play games. Left because my headache was acting up, and was annoyed at some things in the panel itself. If it’s not to be a yaoi panel why does Yaoi have to be brought in the picture. I am myself a Axel x Roxas minor fangirl, as well as a Riki x Sora minor one, but too much mention of it, in a fandom does turn off some people.

Walked out, stared at a concert for a few minutes. Got too hungry, so bumped back into Aya, and went with her and a friend for some food. Mickey D’s.

Missed the Vertical Inc. Panel

Kitty Media Panel. Very nice. Frank Pannone was in charge of the panel. Gave some details and insight to some new Yaoi and Yuri news. I really would love to order Maka Maka now. Got a new BL as a giveaway prize. Met Gia in person. Was pretty surprised and happy to meet her.

Yaoi Roundtable. First Yaoi panel I’ve attended. Discussion from staff from Kitty Media, Publisher’s Weekly, and a third panelist. In the giveaway, couldn’t believe that a lot of guys won the giveaways… so that is that.

Tomorrow will have a very full day tomorrow. Have class from 10am-5pm. Crossing my fingers that my professor will finish earlier, or permit me to leave earlier. I like the class, but truly want to go to the NYAF instead. I desist, on speaking more on this matter. It’s either I miss NYAF day panels, and just go to one or two at night. but ugh..!! look at the time.. 2:53 and school tomorrow..

Planning to attend Anime & Manga Research Roundtable and Yuri Anime and Manga Panel tomorrow.

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