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Rie Tanaka’s Original Jewlery Line

A little on the procrastination side of the official con report from Mina and I, but wanting to post up information about this this flyer, I got from the dealer room at NYAF on Saturday, and it is an ad for Rie Tanaka’s Original Silver Ring and Pendant for sale. Spoke with Moy about writing a post about it briefly on Sunday, and here it is, late but still good for another 5 days or so.

Get your red hot “commemorative goods.” It’s Rie Tanaka Original Silver Ring and Pendant.

(TRR-01)No1: Rie Tanaka Silver Ring (only 5.5- It is Rie’s size) Price – $175
(TRP-01)No2: Rie Tanaka Silver Pendant (including silver chain 45cm) Price $195

Ordering period Sept 28-Oct 5, 2008

Materials and Package: Silver 925, CZ (red) and Original package with her message card.

Because if you order it from NYAF, “You can get it faster than fans in Japan!!” Email nyaf2008-order@animic.jp with the the order of what you want, the size and quantities. Within 1-2 business days, you will get an email from Pay Pal and after you pay them, expect the products in 2 weeks through EMS.

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